Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Sweet Girl!!!

Hey y'all!
So, for the 1st time EVER I spent the weekend away from my baby girl!!! We're talking Friday night, Saturday night, and not laying eyes on her until Sunday at 4:30PM after being in traffic and chugging Diet Coke (and then stopping 10 minutes from home to pee!) Now don't get me wrong... it was quite luxurious to sleep a whole 10 hours at night, knowing that she was in her papa's care and they had SUCH an amazing time together!!! :-) Yay for success! But when you are used to being around a baby day in and day out - you get lonesome for them! It's just SOOOOO good to be home! And feel her soft chubby legs, and see her top tooth poking through, and give her a bath and snuggle her! OHHHHH how I love my girl!!!