Monday, February 28, 2011

In honor of Life Made Lovely Monday, I am sharing these pictures from breakfast this morning.

Josie had the giggles about something and it melted my heart - and made ME get the giggles!

She has the most infectious laugh - and babbles on and on as though in a conversation about something. Soon those babbles will be actual words and we will get to talk, talk, talk! She makes my life (and my world) more lovely every day!!!


Check it out...

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Head over to this blog - and enter! Tell Katy HI from me :-)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Me, my sweet husband and our precious daughter are what "it's all about" for me.
This is us on the ocean in Mexico (La Bocana) a month ago - not a care in the world - beaching it up (with the birds!)
Hope you are having a splendid Saturday.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Today & some link love

Happy Friday y'all!

It's been a busy week - thankfully everyone is on the mend from being sick - and the sun is shining ever so brightly this morning (PRAISE JESUS!!! LOVE A SUNNY DAY!)

I had some downtime this morning to snuggle and play with my sweetpea daughter and snapped a quick pic of us...and of course the dog got in on some lovin' as well...
I love you too Harley - thanks for the kiss!

***I am a follower of Kiwi Freckles - and thought I would try out some link love today - spreading the love...***
-----> Here ya go!
**I LOVE this blog and her precious nursery idea that she came up with for her (almost here) new baby boy!
**Would somebody please tell my husband I want one of these waiting for me on my pillow!?
**I would like a set (or more) of these green stools in my kitchen - they will be on my "Summer Garage/Estate Saleing Wishlist" (Bigtime heart them!)
**Ohhh yes, and last but not least - this wreath about took my breath away! It is to die for - and she is my new FRIEND!!! :-) Feeling blessed!
~Have a SUPER-DUPER weekend - and as we say at my house
"Hasta Lasanga - Don't Get Any On Ya!" (silly, I know -but never fails to make me chuckle!)~

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have decided to EMBRACE the camera today!

Check out the head of hair on my baby girl!!!!

This is a picture off of my phone - post naptime in all of our glory! Life is Good!



So... I found a FAB new blog to follow today and am doing Confessions Over Chai Tea (YUM!) with Katy AND the rest of you too! And can I just say that I figured out how to "link" stuff on my blog today and I am shakin' in my boots excited and proud of myself! :-) hee hee hee sorry for the side note. Onto the CONFESSIONAL!

Here is goes:

1. I love window clings! I know, it is totally random and a bit disturbing... but I am a teacher and I love anything fun for a classroom (or in this case my home where I do daycare)... I am especially excited about the funky gel ones. (I can't believe I am admitting this!) :-) Now don't get me wrong, I don't go around putting them up all over every window... usually just in the kitchen for holidays - my daughter thinks they are a blast, especially if she can reach them, take them off, crumple them and hand them to me smiling!

2. I am addicted to my morning coffee. I make a pot and from about 7 AM - 10 AM I drink then entire thing. by myself. no cream. no sugar! Straight coffee! And I am not the slightest bit shaky or anything! It's just so delicious - and gets me thru! :-)

3. I took ballet in college and have never been in such amazing shape! It was painful (very) but I loved it and would love to take it again - my body could definitely use it too!

4. When making a s'more, I like my marshmallow BURNT - to a crisp! It grosses my husband out BIG TIME, but something about it makes my mouth water!

5. I wish Julia Roberts was my next door neighbor! I love her - her style - her laugh and I think we could be buddies!

6. One time when my husband (then my boyfriend) and I were out in a canoe - he was trying to fish and I was trying to jump out and swim (not a good mix!) and upon getting into the canoe from the little nasty swimming hole, the canoe was tipping and fish hooks were flying and HIS fish hook (complete with a worm -nightcrawler!) went into my buttocks - more like buttcheek but you get the point! I freeked out that I would maybe start foaming at the mouth because I had gotten tetnus from his nasty fish hook - but I survived - it hurt ALOT but here I am... foam free!

7. I wake up every day and greet it with the notion that it could be the best day of my life! My step-dad taught me that and he is an amazing man with a lot of knowledge and when with him he always asks me "Maggie, did you know that today could be the BEST day of your life?!"

Thanks for letting me share. I hope YOU have a wonderful day :-) You deserve it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tea & Wellies

This afternoon, after getting all of my daycare kiddos down for nap I made myself a piping hot mug of lemongrass green tea (delicious!) and went online in search of some funky new wellies to sport this spring! After all, who doesn't LOVE to puddle jump!?!?

I think these could quite possibly be the ticket to my puddle jumping bliss!

All things SPRING!

Valentine's Day has come and gone - and all of the decor for Saint Valentine has been packed away! I didn't want to get out all of my Easter decorations quite yet, so I thought I would pick a select few things to enjoy until the middle of March. Of course I will probably throw in a few "green" things for St.Patrick's Day along the way too... Until then, here's something for your peepers......I LOVE forsythia! It reminds me of the south and the yellow shouts "SPRING!" The pussy willows are actually lit up - I got them at an antique/some new/consignment store (called Serendipity) last Spring.

This is from an antique store - the yummy turquoise color on the tin is one of my fav's - and Mister Peter Cottontale is dang cute too!

I would have to say that this is one of my all time favorite "keepsakes" - it is a nest made out of horse hair. A friend of mine found it in her barn and gave it to me (love you Nancy) - the Robin's egg is not real - but makes a sweet addition to the extremely fragile nest!
Continuing with the forsythia - I wrapped a garland of it around the top of my pot rack.
My darling mother snagged this vintage lamp for me at an estate sale and it's pink color brightens up my kitchen quite nicely! :-)

That's all I have gotten out thus far - but it helps to remind me - even on the days when we get 10 inches of snow - that Spring will come... it just might take it's time.

Happy Wednesday to you loves!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So, arriving momentarily is the sweater that I ordered off of I am VERY excited!

While I wait, I have found a couple more things that I would soooo love to have waiting at the end of my bed magically, thank you very much!

This skirt - love!

And this hat - pretty dang cute!

I love wishful thinking Don't you?

Unzipped and delighted!

I went into my daughters room this morning, and this is what I found....

Some how she had managed to come unzipped and was happy as a clam reading Dora and letting it all hang out!


Here's to a joyful Tuesday!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

This morning...

I made blueberry pancakes. They were DEEELICIOUS!

Friday, February 18, 2011

What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about?

So.... I think it is so much fun to read on peoples blogs what brings them JOY or what makes them HAPPY! After all, it truly is about the "little things" in life don't you agree?
In honor of letting our lights shine, and finding happiness in things, I would like to share some things that I am "all about" lately... Here you go:
~I LOOOVE the first sip of coffee in the morning. Something about it's warmth and crisp taste makes me tingle! And yearn for more :-) Somedays a snorkel and goggles would be handy so I could dive right in! (Something my mama would say)
~Right now it's all about the new Aveeno detoxifying face scrub I came across at Target! The other day I went into the bathroom to, well, pee and afterwards I caught a glimpse of my face wash and scrubbed my face! It felt A-MAZING! Like I said earlier... it's the little things in life that can put a smile on a persons face!
~I haven't worn makeup since January 1st of this year and I have never felt better! I am spending the time that I would "fussing" doing something else that feels productive :-) Making a big breakfast, getting down on the floor and playing with Josie, coming up with a new craft for the kids, you get the idea!
~Tulips! Ever since the tulips have come out for sale at our grocery store, I have bought a bunch and had them in a big vase on my kitchen table! They are bright, Springy reminders that the snow soon shall melt (we hope!)
~It really is all about watching my daughter PLAY! Some things I have noticed: she is a leader, loves to hold dolls and pretend to feed them bottles, problem solves when dressing her Dora doll, stacks blocks oh so carefully (and then knocks them over and laughs), almost always has a purse (or 2 or 3) on her shoulder and a phone in her hand (now who on earth could she have seen do that!?)
~It's all about simplifying, finding joy in any situation that I catch myself in, bringing the BEST out in myself, showing kindness and compassion, being genuine and me! The BEST ME I CAN BE!!!! :-)
I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and relaxing - enjoyable weekend! I ordered a fresh robin's egg blue sweater out of Athleta ( and am waiting for it to arrive on my doorstep! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Digging out the Spring clothing is SWEET - if you ask me, and I may just decide to live in this until long sleeves are no longer necessary!!!
P.S. It's all about the "Candle-lit" yoga that I think I am going to go to Sunday night :-) Sounds heavenly!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pretty dang cute!

I am quite smitten with this wall decor! Definitely think it would be an adorable addition to Josie's big girl room when she moves into her toddler bed! :-)
You can find more like this at:

Spring in MN

It is a balmy 50 degrees outside today and there is some snow - but it isn't white - it is a brownish black from the mud! And when I say mud, I mean M-U-D! My daughter, being the Buster she is, took one look at the M-U-D and went straight for it! However, not completely on purpose! You see, she is still a bit tipsy in her frog boots and while heading for the yard she did what looked like a semi-somersault and when face first into the M-U-D!!! Her then pink Colombia jacket, hat, mittens, and snow pants were covered in the mud and muck! As well as her face! :-( Poor dear had no idea what hit her! Everything is now in the washing machine, and Miss Josie is asleep.... dreaming of mud!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


"I am my Beloveds, and my Beloved is mine." Song of Solomon 6:3
My poor baby has been sick since Saturday, and last night while I was up getting her something cool to drink and some medicine.... this Bible verse kept running through my head. It was most comforting to know that my God is taking care of me and helping me be the best mommy I can - while also protecting my baby from harm. God is SO GOOD! I don't know what I would do without the strength He provides me.
Feeling BLESSED today - And I hope you feel the same.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This morning my daughter - with her tired eyes and CRAZY hair - decided that it would be a good morning to wear the ole' rain boots! She has been eyeing these from afar as they have been in her closet for, how shall I say this??? SPRING!!!! When and if it ever comes :-) But today she pointed to them... made a happy - curious giggle (which I cannot resist) so I pulled them down and on they went. She walked around the house all morning in them - and I made frog sounds for her when she would walk by (the boots are frogs by the way..)
She just melts my heart!!! And makes me ribbit!

The day after...

Has everyone come down off of their sugar high yet? My husband went and got our taxes done (very romantic!) and brought me home a box of Russell Stover chocolates (the man knows me!)... We each ate ONE (proud of us) and now they are in the freezer for the days when I need a chocolate fix - like right about now maybe!? :-)

Miss Josie is battling a nasty cold - similar to everyone else right about now it seems. But it hasn't stopped her from enjoying all of the Valentine's festivities! Yesterday we hosted a party at our home - complete with cut-out cookies (made by my wonderful mother), frosting, sprinkles of every color and shape and of course VALENTINE'S! Each child had a bag to take home at the end of the party - after filling up on PIZZA!

All in all it was a complete success - the kids got to play and eat cookies, chocolate, lick frosting off of spoons, etc. etc. etc. and the mommy's got to visit - drink Caribou coffee - and perform crowd control! A STUPENDOUS day! And afterwards.... we napped!

Here are a few pic's from the day:

Josie waiting patiently for her friends to arrive - looking a little lethargic from her cold - poor Buster girl!Let the frosting BEGIN!!!Mmmmmmm.... M&M's!The final product!

I hope you all have a wonderful "day after" Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart's Day!!!

Wishing each and every one of you a LOVE-LY Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

While the cat's away....

While the cat's away... The mouse WILL play!

.... will play in her DRESSER DRAWER, that is.

Say Cheese!

This is the face I got this afternoon when I told Josie "Say Cheese!" She cracks me up - so does her dress that is a size too big! She picked out her clothes this morning and we ended up getting rid of the leggings half way thru the morning because she were just too hot! They had bears on them - ohhh it was stylin' let me tell you!

Have a great weekend - we are going to a sledding party on Saturday and get this... it isn't supposed to be that cold! Bring on the sledding - and hot cocoa!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A little bit vintage...

So, I am a huge decorator for seasons/holidays! I have each of my many, many bins labeled and stacked in the garage for immediate usage, whatever the given holiday! This time of year I LOVE to celebrate Valentine's Day! The pink and red make my heart go pitter patter and so do all of the fun Valentine's that go with the special day - especially a steamy one from the hubster (wink wink)!!
~I have a VERY VERY VERY dear mama who is always helping me fill my holiday bins, and her eye can catch the most wonderful details.... Such as a vintage postcard in a frog:

(***:Never knew that poky little thing was a frog until a few years ago! I have a nice collection now!)
~I snatched up this vintage Valentine's banner at an occasional sale called "The Mustard Moon" (in Carver, MN) several weeks ago - and I was SHAKING IN MY BOOTS when I saw it! It was calling my name, so of course I listened and promptly bought it, brought it home and have it hanging in my kitchen:

I also cozied up a nook in my kitchen in honor of St.Valentine with another postcard and FABULOUS apron my mom got at an antique store! (I love my mom!)

And I am just throwing this one in for good measure! She makes my heart SMILE!!!



Today's thought...

Coming up today.... It's all about vintage Valentine's!!! Oooo la la xoxo

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Have you smiled yet today? Or perhaps just stood out on the balcony and let the world know how HAPPY you are?
If not .... you should! :-)


Ok.... I am sitting down... I am pulling up my Blog... and I am WRITING!!!

Sorry for the delay in the new post! Life has been keeping me rather busy and by about 7:00 PM every evening... I walk past my hubby rocking our sweet little girl in the rocking chair (their daddy-Josie time) and watching the original Dukes of Hazzard - after a quick sigh and smile I remember that my heating pad is in warming up my spot on my bed and go climb in!!! With a book in hand and there I sit until I drift off - oh, around 7:30 or 8 PM (sad.... I know!) This FREEZING COLD WINTER HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am envisioning warm summer evenings watering my flowers, taking walks with the dog, pushing Josie in her swing as she giggles! All of this aside, I find myself justifying my wanting to be in bed so early... but know that the windchill of about -45 does that for me! Oh yes, and let's not forget the sun going down at about 3:00 PM.

I know that Spring is on it's way... and until then I will leave you with these WARM WEATHER PHOTOS:

Was my baby actually ever this little???????????????? (Still just as messy though!)

My BEEEEAUTIFUL Passion Plant.

Ahhhh Mexico! Be still my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can feel the 90 degrees right now! :-) Glorious!

Ok...that is about all for now... BUT... this just in: Josie has a babysitter Friday night and the hubster and I are going out to dinner and a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Doing a cartwheel right now!)