Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The M-O-U-S-E (not Mickey Mouse either)

So, about 2 evenings ago... My husband comes to bed around 11:00 PM just as I am waking from my 3 hours of sleep thus far (yes, I go to bed WAAAY before him... I know I'm a baby... I need my sleep tho people) and am heading to the door to go to the bathroom and he grabs me by the shoulders quite calmly, looks me straight in my sleepy eyes and says "Maggie, there is a mouse in the house." Now I am not one to exaggerate (NOT! I am a total drama mama!) but I do believe the first thing I did was slam our bedroom door and grab onto my husband as tho we were on the Titanic and it was going down. (And p.s. I am pretty sure that little ole' Mousey McMouserton could squeeze his little germ infested body under our bedroom door as well.) So there we are, me squeezing the life out of my hubby and him pushing me away like I have cooties or something and he says "Everybody gets them Maggie! Everybody!" As though we are talking about some common cold or something! SEEERIOUSLY! Not me! Not this chick! I DO NOT GET MICE! So I climb back into bed with goosebumps covering my body and cling to Brian (again, as he is pushing me away) and start asking him 1,000 questions:
"Babe, did you set any traps?" "Yes... 3"
"Babe, where did you set the traps? "Kitchen, living room, basement."
"But honey, what if it climbs into our bed?" "It's on my face right now."
"Babe, what did it look like?" "Field mouse. Small."
"Babe, was it carrying a Juicy Couture purse? "No, a Coach one."
And so on and so forth... all the while my husband is getting more annoyed and impatient with me (really, I have no idea why he would be)... and ends the discussion by saying "Enough! I am going to bed. I never should have told you!" And I comeback with "I know! You shouldn't have told me! What am I going to do NOW?" And that was that - quiet took over and we let Jesus Take The Wheel....
This is DEFINITELY a 2 part story - because I have been waiting for the CLICK of a mousetrap to go off... And have not yet had the pleasure of hearing it! :-( I just KNOW that the mommy and daddy McMouserton's are reproducing as we speak and pretty soon it will be like the Duggar family in my basement "19 and counting!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can't take it! I think I shall take my Juicy Couture purse and sleep in my sleek new mini van - Also, another story!
Til then...
God Speed.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Leslie-ism

Earlier this evening, I called my mother dearest to report that Brian had successfully sold his car (YAY!) and her response??? Not, oh good for him! Not, oh that's great! No... her response (which made me tinkle a little - I'm just say'n) was "Oh, that boy could sell dog food to a cat." And that, my friends would be my mama!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A bathroom saga

The other day, Josie and I were in the pharmacy picking up a bunch of stuff after our visit to the pediatrician (Josie's 2 front teeth are coming in and she has been miserable!) and I was trying to hold her (can you say 22.5 pound BUSTER?) her diaper bag, my purse (which isn't a small little satchel) the pharmacy bag AND sign the receipt. Luckily the woman behind the counter was a gentle loving nice lady and held the paper while I signed... but if you have ever been in this kind of predicament before you can understand how it makes one SWEAT!!! (Oh wait, that isn't sweat... it's drool! Not mine, but BUSTERS!! Oh Buster!) So while all of this hoopla is going on, part of me (even though I never would) wanted to just turn to the lady next to me (she looked friendly) and say... here.. can you hold her for just a sec? Pardon the drool. Thanks! And then pray that she wasn't at the doctor for anything contagious! Now, as I said I would never do that (or at least I don't think I would - ha!) BUT, believe it or not this has actually happened to ME! YES, little old me... when I was about 9 years old and in the church bathroom (of all places!) I had just washed my hands and was just about to walk out the door when in stormed a woman and her slew of children (pretty sure it wasn't Kate Plus 8 - but it coulda' been!) And in this woman's arms is a precious newborn who is basically along for the ride. I kind of stood to the side wide eyed and bushy tailed waiting for them to all get in so I could sneak out when she said in a very matter of fact way "Hey! Can you hold him?" And I am pretty sure the look on my face was one of disbelief - because she repeated herself and then proceeded to hand me a baby all swaddled like Jesus!!! Then she sent one child into one stall and took the other young child with her into the other stall. Dumbfounded, I stood on that bathroom tile and didn't move a wink - except to glance into the mirror and see what I looked like holding a precious young "baby Jesus!" I looked pretty natural... not gonna lie :-) and before I knew it mama and the kiddies were out of the bathroom... washing up and she took the baby back and was out the door - off to hear the end of the sermon! It was like a whirlwind experience! I couldn't believe what had just happened! I headed back to our church pew and told my mom and she just shook her head in disbelief and said "See Maggie, Jesus put you in that bathroom right when that lady needed you!" I felt oddly special. Lucky. Blessed! And would do it again in a heartbeat! I would probably check myself out in the mirror too... not gonna lie! ;-) wink wink

Sunday, June 13, 2010

So... this morning, after I finally got a break from chasing the baby away from Harley's food dish (she is OBSESSED with it!) I went onto Etsy (one of my FAVORITE places to browse for yummy finds) and found these purses!!! You MUST go on and check them out - my favorite part is what she names the purses... for example "Waffles With Fresh Mulberries" or "Beetle Juice!" They are extremely funky and I will be purchasing one in the near future!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rollers... HOT rollers

“Women.... Who made 'em? God must have been a... genius. Their hair. They say that the hair is everything, you know? Have you ever buried your nose in a mountain of curls, and just wanted to go to sleep forever?” ~Bo Goldman, "The Start of an Education," made popular by the movie Scent of a Woman

My mother burst into this world on December 10, 1954 with a full head of black, gorgeous hair… and even though I wasn’t there I am quite positive that she had hot rollers in… poor grandma Wini! Did they have epidurals back then??? Now there is some definite strategy when it comes to these suckers… and Miss Leslie Kay had it nailed! I remember watching her put them in her hair in the mornings like she was born to do it (which it was because after all she did come out with them in, right?) and asking her if she would pleeease put them in my hair so I could have luscious locks like mother dearest. Her reply was usually something along the lines of “not this morning, we’re running late” or “I don’t know if I ’ll have any left Maggie.” because she would use all three rows. and all small, medium and large sized rollers to get the “poof” she so desired! (Makes me think of Snookie! Ha!) The woman has the thickest hair I have ever seen - SERIOUSLY! However, on a special occasion, or random day that she didn’t need all 56 curlers (that’s an estimate) she would decide to spare a curl for her youngest! I would pull a chair out at the kitchen table - plug those babies in and let them heat up - and in they would go! I would tell her I wanted to look like Blair, from the Facts of Life - remember her? The one with the To Die For long blonde curly hair? She’d say “I’ll do my best.“ and would put in the remaining curlers and I would close my eyes and dream about the end result - yes I was very putsy and usually made us run very late - after all we NEVER rode the school bus because the bus drivers short shorts scared me beyond belief! I believe he - yes HE is still out there hauling kids to school and back home again. Yikes!
Anyways, where was I… oh so I would leave the curlers in until the very last dog died and then slowly take them out and reveal the stunning, wavy, mind-numming curls I had so desired… USUALLY… Then there were the occasions where either my hair was too damp from washing it the night before OR the curlers weren’t quite hot enough and I would take the curlers out and plop… down went the straight chunk of nasty hair that I was so trying to escape! Ohhh man, WATCH OUT town of Alexandria, MN… This usually led to a curler being chucked across the bathroom or bedroom (depending on where I was taking them out) and screams of horror from my impatient, sailor like, mouth! Usually I was ignored from all ends of the house (dad in the kitchen washing his hair in the kitchen sink - (again, a whole nother story), mom running around frantically with her make-up on, white pants and lab coat on (she was a nurse and a “dang good nurse” as she likes to say) - complete with some funky bobbled seasonably correct pin - the kids loved her, and rollers still in tact - she didn’t mess around people! The curlers stayed in place until the last second) and depending on the year (we are 4 years apart in age difference) … my sister had either been picked up by a friend (lucky!) for school or was in college.) After my fit of rage I would usually cry, attempt to fix the nastiness that was my hair, but to no avail, and put a hat on, My mom would take me to school LATE with a note saying that I had had a doctors appointment and a stern warning: “Maggie. This is the LAST time this will happen!” (oh, little did she know I WOULD have curls tomorrow! Poor mother!) “Do you hear me young lady!? It is unacceptable!” and I would just think about my shattered dreams of “Blair Hair” and walk into school with puffy eyes and a doctors note.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~"My cup runneth over."~

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Word of the day...

Bliss - complete happiness: perfect happiness

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Hey all! Not to worry! We are still here out on the homestead. Sun soaked and feeling fine! :-) We had a fun filled Memorial Day weekend including a trip to Taylor's Falls for some hiking (and carrying a stroller over boulders with a 22 pound Buster on board - she loved it!) an evening bonfire with Alfred Hitchcock moments of June bug insanity (don't even get me started!) and some boating with friends! Josie is still recovering from all of the fresh-air (sleeping hasn't been her friend - or mine) AND has 2 very sharp bottom teeth coming in - just ask Brian... She bit him this evening! :-( Poor papa bear! Overall though we were blessed with warm, sunny weather and more importantly FAMILY FUN!!! :-) Here are some pictures for you......
Josie loving up on daddy :-)
Big smiles!
My little outdoor girl :-)
Swim Swim!
This is how we roll :-)
Allow me to share a quote from a young boy I once nannied for - referring to his wacky nanny (ME!) he says "Now I know why your mom calls you nutsie!" (I thought that suited this picture quite nicely :-)
The Hubster (and his dimples Sven and Olga)

Now you must excuse me - Jersey Shore is on in the next room and I MUST go check out Snookie's "poof" hairstyle (Just kidding - kinda!)