Tuesday, February 28, 2012

tuesday 10

Happy Tuesday Chickies!!!
Linking of with Lena, over at mom2memphisandruby today for.....
Top 10 outdoor activities I enjoy:
10. Kayaking (when the conditions are great! and by that i mean water like glass - minimal waves - and the sun shining on my face as i paddle! oh yes, and preferably my husband in his kayak next to me!!!)
9. walking on the shores of Lake Superior digging for sea glass and heart shaped rocks - with my very best bestie Beth! (a diet coke is also a necessity for this activity - and some snacks!)
8. sitting around a bonfire with friends and family - roasting marshmallows and eating s'mores!
** get this: a burnt/crispy/black marshmallow is required for the most excellent s'more!
7. setting up the sprinkler and kiddie pool in the front yard for josie!
*** she LOVES it! and so do I!
6. Family bike rides!
** we got a Burley last year and didn't get to use it very much - so I am excited to pull josie in it this Spring and Summer :)
5. boating!!!!
4. fishing off of a dock (and catching fish!)
3. building sand castles and decorating them with things found on the lake shore.
2. jumping into the waves at the ocean - getting salty!
1. riding horse - my #1 love!!!!
Make it a SUPER GREAT day today sweet thangs!

Monday, February 27, 2012

jolly green giant!

It's been a little while since I visited my sweet friend Sarah,
for Tickle Me Tuesdays...
so today is the DAY!!!
Be sure to head over and show her some LOVE!!!
And tell all of us what is Tickling YOUR Tuesday
I am absolutely tickled by how wonderfully relaxing and chill our Saturday morning was!
** it (of course) involved doughnuts with SPRINKLES!
mama likey the sprinkles!!
** buster girl gave daddy a "green cube manicure"
** and we all ran from the big green giant!
~My family truly rocks my WORLD! ~
& tickles my tuesday!!!
Happy Day Lovelies,

a few tidbits...

... i am taking a moment to come up for air, whilst scuba diving in my coffee mug this morning, to fill you in on a couple of random thangs....
** thursday night, we went out to eat at our fave little pub in town and they were playing BINGO, so the caller was yelling out her dealies and josie was repeating them!!!!
caller: "B-17"
josie: "B-17"
it was really darling - especially because josie had zero clue why this woman was yelling out numbers and letters!
when we left the jackpot was up to $13.00....
gotta love a small town!**
**lastnight, we sat down to eat supper (brian and i) and josie, being the two year old she is, had a breakdown because she wanted to watch dora instead of eating a nourishing meal
(tatortot hotdish) so she was at the table crying.
we finished eating (brian and i) and i took josie into the bathroom to brush her teeth and get ready for bed ... girlfriend LOVES to brush her teeth ... so i handed her her tooth brush and she let out a joyous "I AM SO HAPPY!"
- really josie!?
-cause i thought you were in the middle of a massive dora protest breakdown!?
gotta love the mood changes!
in all of their glory, i guess!**
do not forget....
to each of you,

Sunday, February 26, 2012

the word.

i have been thinking about this all day.
what grace is.
what it entails.
how i can show grace.
and be a person that wakes up each morning with an attitude of
it is all about the GRACE!

Friday, February 24, 2012

chalk and shoes. a great combo!

hello sidewalk chalk!
where have you been hiding?
all over the yard, you say??!
under snow!?not much of that left!!!!
{although, tonight and Sunday we are supposed to get hit with some of that white stuff!}
so nice to get you out and use you mr. chalk!
{sorry about the small picture!}
on a new note,
have you ever owned a pair of Dansko shoes?!
they are smoothe as butter!
as comfortable on your feet as pajamas on your body!!!
i may not resist the urge to order these lovelies on Zappos....

they make me think of the lilac bushes in my back yard when i was little!!!
do you have any big weekend plans?
i am looking forward to ....
oh yes, and a Target run!
with a possible stop at Caribou
weekend blessings to y'all,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

gets me every time.

"MOM! Look what my found! A baby wizard!!!"
she melts my heart!
love you buggy!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

just want you to know...

Pinned Image
Make it a GREAT Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Take on Tuesday!!!!! :)

What's up buttercup's???
Tuesday is here!
And that means it's time to link up with Mom2MemphisAndRuby for:
yesterday, during the middle of a massive breakdown, miss thang stopped the wailing and nashing and exclaimed, "I wanna go to church!!!"
for reals!
the child never siezes to make me chuckle!!!!
i am singing THIS song in church next wednesday evening for a Lent service.
we are talking about healing, and i thought this song would be perfect! it is so powerful!!!
i am praying for strength and peace, as it can make me tear up really easily - i think that is one of the things i love most about music... it can hit home and you feel a connection with it.
Pinned Image
i LOVE this look for Spring!!!!
and the belt around the little cardigan is todiefor!
{p.s. like what you see? go to Garnethill.com}
Yellow  Diaper bag - Messenger - Travel bag - Shoulder Bag -  Water resistant - Bike flap - 8 pockets  in dark yellow
remember my post about this purse?
how SOOOO darling it is?
and how i ordered it!?!?!?!!?
yes i did!!!!
and OMG! it is just as totally cute in person as it is in this picture!
i love the mustard yellow color - and if there wasn't nasty wet snow on the ground, perhaps i would get on my bike and ride around with my new purse, just 'cause!
(go HERE to check out more ikabags)
Pinned Image
did you know that i can do a really good cartwheel?
not. kidding.
i would do one right now, but i might wake up my daughter from her nap!
when i was little, i would do a cartwheel anywhere. anytime. without question.
once, i did several in a row in Maurices clothing store.
my sister was MORTIFIED!!!
my mom was MORTIFIED!
and i had to hang up all of the things i knocked over when i fell into a clothing rack.
true story.
these long legs should not be messed with!
(mothers and sisters should not be messed with either)
what do we think of Adele's new blonde hair?
ok... so all fall and winter it has been about "the boots"
and now, i am feeling SPRING and all things FRESH and NEW!
i love the new Spring Dansko collection!!!!
(www.dansko.com) ---> is where it's at!
World's Tallest Leprechaun shirt funny St. Patrick's Day t shirt sizes S-3XL
do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day??
i think i should sport this tee for the occassion!?
?? or maybe these ??
Granny Square Home Slippers Crocheted Slippers St patricks day Mint Caribbean Forest Jungle Winter Fashion
i love the earthy, cozy feel of the fabrics in this camper picture i found!
the re-decoration of our pick-up camper will commence as soon as the snow is GONE and i can open the camper windows!
it's gonna be AWESOME people!

Monday, February 20, 2012

** burn **

Greetings precious bloggy friends!
Happy Monday!!!!
Is your coffee brewed and ready for sipping?!
How was your weekend?
Did your go as super fast as mine did?!
We woke up Saturday morning,
packed overnight bags,
and headed to the Hubster's parents house....
we had an icefishing P-A-R-T-AAAAAA-Y!
The weather was PERFECT
Not a single cloud in the sky - Sunny - Warm - Glorious
and I ended up looking like a lobster!
my forehead felt like it might fall off!
** Reporting in that it is much better this morning, AND cold aloe vera gel slathered on at bedtime works like a CHARM! **
---> next time... Sunscreen!!! DUH, Maggie!!!
Sunday morning I got to sneak away for an hour and go grab a Caribou coffee (my FAVORITE!), and headed to Target... prayed I didn't see anybody I knew! ha!
-- also scoped out downtown!
My hometown (now that I have grown up and moved away- hello!?) has got some darling little boutiques that I WILL be checking out sometime in the near future!!!!
not really!
check out the FRESHLY colored, no more grey mare hair! YIPPPEEEEE!!!
Whatever you did this weekend - I hope it was WONDERFUL!
I am off to catch up on blogs, as we speak!!!
More soon,

Friday, February 17, 2012

when a piercing goes wrong.

My name is Maggie.
And I do not tolerate pain very well.
You can about imagine where this is going....
Pinned Image
... for some reason (I am an 8th grader, by the way), I do not know why... I decided that on a family (plus my friend) trip to a mall, I should pierce my cartilage. in my ear. you know that fragile piece of ear that is all curly and dainty up at the top?
that one.
** I think it looks really cute on people, by the way... and am in no way, shape or form against piercings... I am just a complete wuss!!! **
the original needle thru the ear part wasn't horrible... but afterwards it was super tender!
We did a little shopping.... everyone told me to stop complaining... i continued to complain and then we left the mall.
Fast forward to later that evening.
Here is what I remember (yes you can call me a drama queen):
I had a Ritz cracker in my mouth (bed snack).
I went into the bathroom to run a bath.
I bent over to turn on the faucet.
My new, precious piece of ear bling got caught on my mom's shower curtain (I am completely unaware that it has gotten caught.)
The water is running.
I, being the person that is always moving fast, whip my head up to get in the tub.
My earring RIPS OUT OF MY EAR!
And I pertinear tear down the whole shower curtain!!!!!!
My dad, nonchalantly asks from the living room ... you ok?
(DRAMA QUEEN for a daughter!)
and I just begin to FREAK OUT! I honestly thought my ear was gone! In the tub, perhaps?
It was awful!
The earring was never found.
My Ritz cracker got soggy in the bath.
I went to bed crying.
Goodnight Nurse!
Fast forward to my senior year of college.
I am student teaching in Spain.
My new, darling friend and I decide, whilst out and about in Madrid one Saturday afternoon, to pierce our noses! (that's one nostril each, just to clarify)
I am brave.
I do not cry.
I avoid shower curtains at great length!!!!
I love my little pink rhinestone in my shnozzle!
Totally diggin' it!!
About a month later, I am, once again, in the bathroom (in Spain) chewing bubble gum, getting ready for the day, primping, etc..... and I blow a massive, rockin' bubble...
It pops and covers my nose.
It is sticky.
It is messy.
I am laughing at myself in the mirror.
I grab the glob of bubble gum ... feel a little tug on my nose... nothing major...
i ignore it.
i am curling my hair.
i proceed to chew my gum and bite down on something HARD!!!
it is my nose ring.
it is crunchy.
for reals people!
i am completely content with my ears being pierced.
that's all she wrote on this chick.
happy piercing lovelies!!!
wink wink

Thursday, February 16, 2012

shopping carts & valentine's parties!

Hello FRIDAY!!!!!!
and hello to you sweet friends!
this week has been CRAZY!!!
not in a bad way...
just in an "I can't wait to put my feet up at the end of the day" way!
and that is exactly what i am doing right now!
Yes, it is still the afternoon... but the house is quiet and my black boots are resting!
Now, on with the goods....
Here are few pic's from Valentine's Day
I dipped pretzel rods in almond bark (yum!) and then sprinkled every kind of sprinkle i could find on them (double yum!) put them in the fridge, and we ATE THEM!
check out the ruby red lips on the door to the deck!
a craft about teeth from Josie's early childhood craft!
just in time for Valentine's Day!
(kiss kiss)
betty crocker?
more like Amelia Bedilia... do you know who that is???
this is what buster girl spends about 90% of her day doing!
she yells, "You ready Mama? You ready Daddy? WATCH ME!!!"
----> and i also love the fact that in the past couple of weeks, twice at the grocery i have seen a grown man exit with his cart full of goodies, run. run. run. and then jump on the cart for a ride!!!!
it immediately puts a smile on my face and i want to snap a picture, but of course am not prepared... so i soak it up, and rejoice in the fact that that person is feeling JOY and (hopefully) loving life!!!
** did you know that happiness (i.e. laughter, smiling, seeing the cup half full, etc...) has been proven to ward of heart disease! **
It's true.
I read it in a magazine lastnight while I was getting my hair colored (I was extremely happy at the time, by the way) and saying good bye to the old grey mare i had become!
damage control was done on the after effects of the perm (alleluia. 'nough said.)
Wishing you all a HAPPY FRIDAY and deeeeelightful weekend!
Fill that cup half full friends!
Lots of love,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toot Toot all aboard the Tuesday Train!

Happy Valentine's Day SWEET FRIENDS!!!
Linking up with miss Lena today for...
Head over HERE and link up with us, won't you??!
Let's get this party started, shall we?
our girls weekend was a complete success... sorry i haven't posted anything! i promise to do a post and fill you in on all of the deets, but until then here is a pic for you:
my sweet mama got each of us FABULOUS little headband...
i am pretty sure i'll be wearing it to josie's early childhood class today!
my husband is a dog whisperer.
thank you JESUS for him!
the puppy is doing great and is in "training" with the hubster!
there is much reading, researching, following thru and whatnot!!!
amen for his patience!
i love you Valentine!!!
is it too soon to decorate for Easter???
once i take down all of my Valentine's stuff... i just don't know what to do!
help a sister out!!!!
perhaps i should hang one of these on my door???
love it!
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
...when you put your coin into a gumball machine, is there a certain color you MUST get?
my color?
right now i am listening to 2 different things.
the hummmmm of my dishwasher,
and the snoring of a puppy at my feet.

life. is. good. people

Pinned Image
sidenote: i pee alone in the middle of the night.
& i pee alone in our camper, only because it is too small for anybody else!
other than that, somebody is always checking in to say,
"Hi mama! What are you doing here?"
to which i say "Oh nothing! Just peeing!"
and she just smiles!
casually lets herself out of the bathroom,
you know... no big thang!
Pinned Image
this just in:
remember when we discussed the wave perm i was going to recieve?
and then i recieved it?
and it was all good in the hood???
well, it went south.
my hair is super dry.
begging me for mercy.
the perm has worn itself out.
FINALLY it is getting back to normal.
the goal?
grow it out.
let it be.
{just thought i would share this with you. had to get it off my chest}
i love you.

check out my new wellies!!!

i love polkadots!!!!



Pinned Image
... a feast for my knitting eyes!!!

i was completely in need of a trip to a yarn store!!! this past weekend, i spent a very long time in one of my favorites :) it smells YUMMY!

the woman even wound all of my yarn into a ball, while i sat by the fire

it. was. LOVELY!!!





May you eat chocolate, feel warm and fuzzy, and ENJOY!



Thursday, February 9, 2012

hello friday. you da man!

i could not. could not. could NOT resist this!!!
sMiLe it out sweet friends!
** it seems like the minute i wipe up dog pee, clean the surface (carpet or tile), have a come to Jesus meeting with the puppy, take her outside so she can drain whatever tank she has, come inside, sit down....
i realize she has peed somewhere else. **
i would love to read her sweet little mind!
Pinned Image
isn't this precious!?
get yours HERE
you little lovebird, you!
Pinned Image
for valentine's day, we are taking miss josie to our FAVORITE restaurant!!!
she has been there once before, but was itty bitty.
she gets to make her own wood fire pizza
and also gets to put her own toppings on an ice cream sundae!!
i hope we can sit by a fireplace.
and all look into each other's eyes
the three musketeers
(bailey will be at home, snuggling a toy!)
we'll look her in the eyes too... when we get home... ok?!
~ the past several days.. miss thang has been rockin the "Hoo Hoo" hat all afternoon
INCLUDING nap time!
girlfriend likes a warm head, i guess!
i am on the lookout for camper re-decorating ideas!!!!
(random? yes!)
you see, we have the pickup camper... and it DESPERATELY needs some loving!
we're talking a MAJOR pick me up...
re-upholstering of the cushions.
possibly some paint.
and definitely planning on painting one of the cupboard doors with chalkboard paint!
i need ideas!!!!!
got any suggestions?
pintrest ideas?
i promise to do a before and after!
i will be epic

a few tid bits from an exhausted puppy owner...

Hello Sweet Friends
Good Afternoon!
I, for some reason, have the Mister Rodgers song in my head right now and thought it would appropriate to BLOG...
"Please won't you be, my neighbor!?"
I loved that show!!!
Here's the latest:
1. I am on Bloglovin'... so you can follow me there and I will do the same for YOU!
2. Check it out... on my sidebar... directly above my followers is a little linky... it's called
Linky Followers and I would love it if you'd follow me on it!
Pinned Image
I couldn't resist this precious pic of Mister R.
Remember THIS post awhile back?
You are in for a TREAT sweet chick-a-dee's!
We are having a "Girl's Weekend" this weekend!
at my house!
and you,
of course,
will get all of the nitty gritty details!
We are going HERE on Saturday...
and I can hardly WAIT!
Beam me up SCOTTY!
Can't WAIT to share all of the deets with you!
this just in: puppies are exhausting!!!!!
uhhh huuuuuhhhh
they are darling.
and exhausting.
excuse me while i go and make a pot of coffee.
MaMa MaGGiE.
Blog Lovin Test Post.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

wordless wednesday.

School Days!

Every Tuesday thru the Spring, Miss Josie and I go to an ECFE class!
It's called "Terrific Two's"
and it is just that:
We sing.
and yesterday we got to

her BEEEEAUTIFUL artwork is hanging in the kitchen


she is so proud!

so. am. I




Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TickLe Me TuEsdaY!!!

Also linking up with Sarah today, over at Yes, Teacher! for the Oh So FUN Tickle me Tuesday!
There is one furry little funster, in particular, that is tickling my tuesday today, and that would be our new puppy, Bailey!
Welcome to the fam Bay!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

tuesday 10 yo!

Hey Friends
and i am linking up over HERE today with Lena!
** Keep your eyes open, because one of my numbers reveals a BIG surprise! **
Pinned Image
how much coffee is too much coffee?
i wake up.
i make coffee.
i drink it.
without it, i may not survive!!!
Pinned Image
do you have a film camera?
do you use it?
i have one.
i love to use it.
but waiting for film to be developed is painful!!!
hello, my name is maggie. i am working on being patient.
Pinned Image
DIY mud scrub.
pretty sure this would be AWESOME!
i am extremely tempted to try it!!!
how about you?
my daughter refers to pinecones as
it. melts. my. heart.
Yellow  Diaper bag - Messenger - Travel bag - Shoulder Bag -  Water resistant - Bike flap - 8 pockets  in dark yellow
originally saw the ikabags on The Olive Tree blog.
and then discovered this beauty of a bag.
i am smitten.
Pinned Image
are you ready for valentine's day???
meet out new puppy....
we just got her lastnight and she is. a. doll.
this just in...
puppies are A LOT of work.
chew on everything.
but are soooo stinking cuuuute!
bailey is all tumbley and bumbley
josie is not into the dog yet.
as far as she is concerned "Puppy" needs to back the train up and stay outta her way!
this picture is bringing me joy today.
feel the love.