Tuesday, June 7, 2011

do you still love me??

Could I BE any worse at blogging??????
I apologize for my absence.
Summer has arrived in good ole Minn-eeee-soooo-ta and I am in my element!
The hubster is ready to pack up and high tale it to Antarctica.... but me? I LOVE the heat!
Todays high? 96 degrees. Mama likey! The kiddie pool is filled.
So, since we chatted last we went to a cabin up north with my hubbie's family - it was a BLAST!
Miss Josie had a wonderful time with her cousins and endless amounts of playing in the sand, on the (pretty awesome) jungle gym the resort had, and of course eating LOTS of Grandma's yummy treats!
Here's some snapshots:
I cannot believe how much my little girl is growing!!!! She talks ALL THE TIME and is constantly surprising us with new "talents" (i.e. coloring on walls, coloring on tile, ya know... that kind of fun stuff?!)
This weekend we head to the ZOO!!! Whoop Whoop!
I am simply STOKED!
Love me some ZOO!
I hope you all have a perfect Tuesday! I promise to come back tomorrow! :-)
Lots of hugs and kisses,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

hi! remember me? :-) i am still here... just completely enjoying the summer like weather!!!!!
this just in: i feel like a mosquito has climbed inside my ear... it's itchy! and this thought brings me back to the summer that i worked on campus during my college years and one day a professor walk in with a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE bandage over her ear. "oh my," i say, ever so surprised. "are you alright? what happened?" to which she says "oh, i am ok. but i can't say the same about the ladybug that crawled in my ear lastnight, laid eggs and had to be surgically removed." that was when i crawled under the desk, slapped on a pair of earmuffs and vowed to never let me ears see the light of day again. ~obviously this lasted less than a minute... but i still get "bugged" out when my ear has a slight itch.
happy sleeping.