Friday, September 30, 2011

happy friday...

thinking all things fall right now as i watch the leaves ever so gently make their way to the ground... as soon as naptime is over, we are heading for the leaf piles....
i thought this summed up autumn quite beautifully (espec' the pumpking spice lattee part... mama likey!!!)
P.S.. so check out the absolutely bees knees darling sweater that i ordered ( and will be living in all fall and winter... 'cept mines a yummy burnt orange color..
i. cannot. wait.
~Happy FRIDAY!~
(on the agenda for the weekend: a wedding to attend with a hot date!)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

what an excellent idea....

Is this not the CUTEST idea you have ever seen???
Go HERE to get more details!
Eat up!


Who knew eating cheeseballs for snack could be so darling!?!
She melts. my. heart. AND is going to be 2 in October...
What's a mommy to do??
Take LOTS of pictures, that's what!
~Blessings to you all today~

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

loving this!!!!

~Remember our fun, furry friend Harley??~
It's been awhile since he got to be a part of the ole' blog-a-roonie...
He would come to the computer to say hello... but he can't...
He is in timeout for attempting to unravel my UGG's with his sharp little chompers.
Sorry y'all...

I am off to hide the boots!

Make it a STUPENDOUS DAY!!!!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile."
~William Cullen Bryant
(Idea from HERE)

Mama Likey :-)

Go Here for this AMAZING recipe!
Yum-o... and Happy Tuesday friends...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Youuuu Whoooo ????

Hoot Hoot!!!
Happy Friday to you all...


Thursday, September 22, 2011

on to fall....

So long Summer.... it's been real!
(pictures of miss josie at our labor day campout...)

Peeing in my pants....

...Did the title to this post get your attention??? GOOD!
You will not BELIEVE what this junking mama found this morning.....
I found it on the side of the road (of all the places on a cold and rainy Thursday morning) with a Garage Sale sign on stakes in it... It's rather tall and large (like the size of a large terracotta flower pot, except tin, rusty and oh so darling!!!) - so I hawled my sweet minivan over to the Garage Sale, encountered a little old man and asked if the rabbit tin out on the corner of the road in the rain is for sale!? He gave me a strange look (not uncommon), and said "it can be for the right price, whatta ya got?" I got $5.00 I said, and he said "DONE!" We shook hands, I shreeked for joy and did a little leap, exchanged the cash-oh-la and I got my tin and headed home to make mac & cheese!
My little vintage loving heart is FULL!!!!
I am going to empty out the dirt from my new tin (it was used as a flowerpot I guess), clean it up a bit and it is going in my front hall for hats, mittens, etc...
Loving the little things in life today!
P.S. have you ordered your Matthew Mead "Autumn" magazine??? (See the button on the side of my Blog) Mine should be in the mailbox T-O-D-A-Y! I will then snuggle up and spoon my tin and read my magazine.
Life. Is. Good.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

... more for ya ....

***Ok... where were we? Ohhh yes, the adorable little gymnastics class. This was probably my favorite moment of the evening. Josie's teacher helped her get into the headstand position and kind of pulled one hand away, then another, and then we all just looked at her doing it all by herself! The chick is strong. Just say'n :-)
Here's Josie and Papa Bear walking on the balance beam... can you tell I have been trimming her bangs by myself?? What's a mommy to do?!
We head back to the class tomorrow evening - I am SO thrilled that Josie enjoys herself!!! I love having something fun to embrace with her.
Happy Tuesday (almost Wednesday) to you!
P.S. Check out my new vintage Halloween background - ShabbyBlogs is my new BFF
P.S.S. I have begun an owl collection - pretty much loving the antique owl salt & pepper shakers my dear mama found for me.... more on that coming soon!

Inhale... Exhale...

Hello my dear friends.... I hope you haven't given up on me... If you have, I completely understand... but come back - PLEASE come back!!!! You won't regret it!!! Girlfriend has ALOT to fill you in on....
Summer has left us! The leaves are falling, the kiddie pool is back in the garage up in the rafters and my knitting needles are awaiting me! A breath of fresh air, is what I consider Fall to be... a chance for renewal, the beginning of new things (BACK TO SCHOOL for some... I still have some time before the bus picks up Buster!) BUT, Miss Josie DID get to start something new just recently: Gymnastics!!!
~Some details: the class is called "One, Two and YOU" and it's for children and their parents! It is STINKING HILARIOUS! Brian and I both got to take part in her first evening of fun, and snapped pictures as fast as we could!!!~
she was ALL ABOUT the leotard - even before we left:(note... excuse the hair.)
I snapped some pictures of her on my bed, and told her to "do a trick" and here's what I got:
We got there and they did a little introduction, sang a welcome song (she was ALL ABOUT THAT) and then they orientated everyone to the equiptment and ultimatley what their goals are (all about fun, basically!)
More pictures to come... (still editing)
~Much love to you all!!!!~