Tuesday, September 20, 2011

... more for ya ....

***Ok... where were we? Ohhh yes, the adorable little gymnastics class. This was probably my favorite moment of the evening. Josie's teacher helped her get into the headstand position and kind of pulled one hand away, then another, and then we all just looked at her doing it all by herself! The chick is strong. Just say'n :-)
Here's Josie and Papa Bear walking on the balance beam... can you tell I have been trimming her bangs by myself?? What's a mommy to do?!
We head back to the class tomorrow evening - I am SO thrilled that Josie enjoys herself!!! I love having something fun to embrace with her.
Happy Tuesday (almost Wednesday) to you!
P.S. Check out my new vintage Halloween background - ShabbyBlogs is my new BFF
P.S.S. I have begun an owl collection - pretty much loving the antique owl salt & pepper shakers my dear mama found for me.... more on that coming soon!


  1. welcome back kotter! i've missed your blog entries...missed them like sunshine on a rainy day, like cher misses sonny, like i miss having a waist! xo beth

  2. Hello, I saw your comment on My Owl Barn (a blog I also love) and noticed that you are a fellow owl-lover!

    I'm currently obsessed with owl nesting dolls and will be posting about that soon on my blog...

    I'm also a mum of one little owlet born summer 2010...

    Pleased to meet you!

  3. Thanks for your LOVELY message. I'm excited to see the results of your owl-themed birthday party, that sounds so awesome!


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