Wednesday, May 30, 2012

i mean, come on!!!!

so here's what i know so far today...
1st off:
taking a major tumble at the park hurts!
those little pebbles (ugh!) do not feel good when you back up into a slide 
(on your way to tickle your daughter) 
and hit the ground!
but, it does make for a cute mommy/daughter picture!
thank you my dear Chelsea for capturing the moment!
p.s. check out how much sand i dug up with my sleek tennis shoes!! 

2nd thing i know...
my dog is in time out.
she managed to sniff out a cookie (leftover from the coffee shop)
in the front pocket of my ROCKING AWESOME backpack....
and ate some of the pocket off!
bad. dog.
{sidenote: the piece of pocket is not actually in her belly. she left the evidence for me to discover... 
wet, sucked on, chewed up leather/fabric!
6 month old puppies and backpacks do not go well together.
i'm off to have an ice cold diet pepsi and catch a grey's anatomy re-run.
hasta la pasta,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a camel.

we had such a beautiful weekend.... full of family time, swimming, visiting the zoo and loving on miss josie!  we spent quite a bit of time in the car traveling, but it was great to sit back (and let the hubster do the driving - thanks daddy-o!) and relax and smile at the little things josie would say from the backseat.  
how was your 3 day weekend?

josie and i TOTALLY rode a camel at the zoo.  we rocked it and she didn't even bat an eyelash getting on!  she was in the front of the hump, and i was in the back.  such an excellent memory made! 
i asked mitch, the camel master, where these camels were from (hoping he'd give me an exciting answer... someplace FAR, FAR away in a desert or something....) 
ummmm... yeah... these champs were from Oklahoma. 
not exactly the answer i was looking for mitch.  but thanks. your tour rocked!
i'll have you know... no jcrew maxi dress is slowing this mama down!  i hiked it up (appropriately so as not to scare poor mitch) and even left with some camel fur and other type of mud/spit possibly on my dress as well.  
** dear oxi-clean.... you da man! **
it was a beautiful day!

Friday, May 25, 2012

dear john.

Dear Mossimo backpack from Target,
I sincerely dig ya!
AND you match my sunshine stool from the antique store!

Dear dimpled dude,
I love you and appreciate you babe!
You are SUCH an amazing daddy to miss thang.
Thank you for working so hard to provide for our family!!!
AND I think you are pretty handsome.
{You rock at running the skid loader}

Dear miss thang,
you never seize to crack me up!
I loved watching you play hide and seek with the dog this morning.
My favorite part was when you threw your arms around her and told her she was your BEST FRIEND!
I see so much of myself in you!!!

Dear Today Show,
I loved your segment on chic glasses!!!
and seeing the whole crew wearing speck's was perfect!!
Pardon me whilst I go online and order a few pairs of glasses for my stash :) (I kid. I kid.)

Dear y'all....
Have a WONDERFUL long weekend!  
Remember those that have fought and continue to fight for our country!!
Much love,


Thursday, May 24, 2012

i got no time for butter.

So, this past weekend while I wasn't posing for pictures on the putting green, or drooling over the school house that NEEDS to be mine.... my bestest friend in the whole wide world took me to her local consignment shop!  And that is just what this mama did - S-H-O-P!  I was SUUUPER excited to walk outta there with a pair of capri's and two new tanks to wear with them!
Of course, I would never leave you trying to picture this... so I went ahead and snapped a pic of both outfits... PLEASE feel free to laugh out loud at my mad picture taking skills!  The things I will do for this blog I tell you!
outfit #1
the capri pants are a yummy buttery yellow color!
and they are s-o-f-t 
** allow me to entertain you for a sec: i student taught in Spain about a million years ago, and one day i ran out of time in the morning and didn't have time to put any make up on.  so.... me being kinda pale and in need of some serious lipstick and mascara got some strange looks from a co-teacher (bless her heart) and i said (in Spanish)  "i didn't have time for make up" ... ONLY i couldn't remember the name for make up in Spanish... so i used what i thought it was: "mantequilla" and she looked at me like i might be crazy....
"mantequilla" means butter my friends.  
i didn't have time for butter!
and she didn't correct me... just chuckled and let me tell everyone that i came in contact with that i didn't have time for butter! **
outfit #2
outfit #2 is what i am wearing today and i just realized the top has pockets - for reals!  love a pocket on a shirt!  especially if they can hold something (a pacifier, phone, lipstick, small animal - you never know! :) ha!)

have a beautiful day sweet readers...
we are up to about 3 inches of rain since last night - niiiiiiice! (not really)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


greeting you this beautiful morning with a smile and a mug full of hot coffee.
coffee, that is!
p.s. remember when i (TRIED) to go off of coffee and drink tea instead in the morning? 
since it made my heart race? 
 ummm... yeah, well turns out i really like my coffee, 
BUT mixing it with half decaf works perf! 
not too strong.
not too weak.
it's just right.
Pinned Image
now... where was I...
oh yes,
back to my morning greeting...
hope this finds you doing splendid!!!
Pinned Image
let's take a second and discuss this A-mazing school house....
that is me.
dreaming of living in this old school house!!!!!!!
my bestie and I came across this little slice of heaven last saturday...
be still my heart!
upon looking thru the windows and inspecting ... it was reeeeaaalllyy rundown,
but ohhhh how to die for!!!!
prior to finding this little gem, 
we had a small photo shoot at an emptied out golf course...
rain was on it's way..
good times
good times!
and then, i got to come home and snuggle.... 
a darling little ballerina!
it is all oh so good in my hood!!!
much love,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Good Tuesday afternoon to YOU my lovelies!!!
My feet are up.
The AC is pumped.
All is quiet in my house.
So a blogging I will go!
Awhile back, on my birthday... the big 3-0!!! WHOOP!
 My bestie, my baby and I met up for a supper date to celebrate, since the dimpled dude, also known as my hubby was out of town.
She snapped some priceless pic's of me and miss thang,
so I MUST share!!!
My daughter makes my heart sing, can I just say that!?
** and occasionally throws one nasty tantrum...
but on this particular evening she was a peach!

singing to mama!!!

dear (free) birthday dessert....

josie even got a "BAWOON!" (balloon)
I hope you are having a stellar week!
I'm off to shop for a sun hat...
with a LARGE brim....
this mama has got some discoloration going on (on my face) and it is making me SUPER nervous!
any ideas for protecting my face are welcome!
Thanks lovemuffins!

Friday, May 18, 2012

fill it in.

Wakey! Wakey!
Eggs and Bakey!!!!
Viva La WEEKEND!!!
Couple thangs before we get started:

1st of all... my incredible husband is taking my daughter camping this weekend.  A daddy/daughter camping trip... It just doesn't get much dearer than that!  My husband and my baby are my world and they are going to have such a fun time!

2nd Perhaps you are wondering why I am not going along?!  Good question!  Actually, I have been asked to sing at a funeral at our church on Saturday... and the rest of the weekend is mine to do whatever floats my boat!  So, off to my besties house I will be!!!  Pretty gosh darn excited y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She makes my heart sing, and we desperately need to get caught up on each others lives, as we have both been busy little bees...
Pinned Image  
Super pumped to be linking up with Lauren at The Little Things We Do
for Fill in the blank FRIDAY!!!
Girlfriend is GENIUS, and her blog is soooo cute... be sure to head over and link up!
Here ya go!
1.  Something that is very near and dear to my heart is,   my family!  we have been through the thickest of thicks and thinnest of thins.  without a doubt my family is an incredible support group, listening ear and when we are all together - let the good times roll!!!  i am beyond blessed! 

2.       Every Single Day!   is good cause to celebrate .
(oh how precious each day is!)

3.  The most fun I ever had was     swimming with dolphins!  it felt like i was in a dream, being that close!  i would do it again in a HEARTBEAT - with the same family of French women (they were hilarious!!!)  .

4.  True friends are   the ones who make you laugh until you puke (true story!) and they are there to help you bring your baby into this world - with unending support, compassion, encouragement and love (love you Em!)  .

5. Something that makes me terribly happy is       when my daughter wakes up in the morning and shoots me a gigantic grin, then asks for pickles .

6. A good way to spend a sunny day is     hitting up awesome garage sales.... with a large fountain beverage on ice  .

7.  My favorite celebratory food is   cheesecake  .

Be BLESSED my loves!!!
& have a WONDERFUL weekend...

p.s. completely, and utterly in love with maxi-dresses!!!
can i get an amen!?
it is 90 degrees today, and this is what I am wearing.....

Amie maxidress in engineered stripe
dear J.Crew...
you rock da partay!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

an extra-special day!

Good Monday Morning!
Hope all you dear mama's had a lovely weekend, 
and hopefully you got pampered  (even just a little)
I did not want yesterday to end!
 I got up with my little chick and we snuggled, 
watched some toons,
ate a doughnut with sprinkles,
played hide and seek (aka "peek a boo" according to miss thang)
and then when we couldn't wait any longer, 
went and woke up papa bear!!!!
(he's been getting up SUPER early to work, so he needed to sleep in more than I did)
 Once we were all ready to ROCK and ROLL we packed our bags and headed to the beach!
Our destination:
pure beauty!!!
there is a tiny little lake by the falls that we love!
BUT, no trip would be complete without a cold beverage for this mama....
... sounds silly, but we don't keep diet coke in the house, so it's a TREAT!!!!
oh yes, and just for good measure...
i love him!
(and his dimples!)
this, my friends... is soooo miss thang!
saying "Mama... I can't want my picture!"
and then, the minute I turn around and she says "cheese!" and giggles!
after we played at the beach (those pictures coming soon), watched Bailey swim (quite a sight as she is SOOO excited she doesn't know whether to swim, or try and drink the water, or put her head under water...) we ate lunch at a drive in diner 
we headed to a little hole in wall antique store I had eyed up when we got into town...
there was this yellow stool... i had to have it!
both of my grandma's had one very similar, and i remember sitting on it as a little girl!
it's also a step stool! 
you just don't pass these kind of deals up!
my hubby, ever the loving man, let me go check it out and sure enough... 
now the "Sunshine Stool" has a new home!!!
as if things couldn't get any better....
as we were leaving town, i saw a sign for a pottery sale!!!
This mama loves pottery!
Soooo..... the hubster followed the signs and low and behold...
it did not disappoint!
i wish  i would have taken more pictures... but the most amazing group of people, use this incredible old home for their pottery sales, and there is a kiln in the back for firing their beautiful pots, bowls, mugs....
i was in awe!
AND i found a beautiful necklace to purchase!!!!
we arrived home and i was still smiling ear to ear!!!
my cup runneth over!
thank you to brian and josie for making me the proudest, happiest mama EVER!
I will post our beach pictures this afternoon!
Have a lovey morning sweet friends!

Friday, May 11, 2012

mudder's day

Happy Mother's Day weekend to each of you lovelies!
Yesterday, a box from Anthropologie arrived!!!!
Inside was my Mother's Day gift!!!
My sweet
let me pick something out as a gift!
So I chose a SUPER comfy 
ultra soft
maxi dress (coral colored) 
and a pair of earrings!!!
all which I am wearing TODAY, and the rest of the weekend!
The earrings are hard to see, so here's a better pic from the web-site....
Pave Button Posts
{I love you hubster of mine!}
I also love my mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and want to wish her a wonderful, extra special
Mother's Day!
She is amazing and someday, I hope to be half the courageous, heartfelt woman she is!

Be Blessed darlings,

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


yesterday it rained on and off all the live long day...
so, waking up to bright blue skies and birds singing was very REFRESHING!
i figured it was the perfect day to dig out my new consignment store DEAL!!!
i found the softest green Banana Republic tee and got it for about 2 bucks! 
let's ignore the fact that i am still learning how to take pictures with my phone and look kind of nerdy!
digging my shirt 
and having fun mixing it with other shades of green!
have a super day friends!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

dog dreams.

the dog is sleeping on the couch.  snoring.
every once in a while she dreams and makes cute whimper noises and her paws go crazy!!
then she looks up at me as if to say, "that wasn't me!"
then she heavily puts her head back down and in minutes is asleep.
she is every so darling when she does this...
kinda makes me forget about how she devoured my package that the FedEx man left on my doorstep last Saturday.
I pulled into the driveway and was greeted by shreds of bubble wrap, paper, and in a large puddle lay my bracelet that was sent for.
{side note: the bracelet was intact and i dig it!}
down the hall, my sweet babe sleeps.... clutching her new pink patent leather shoes.
yes, she slept with them. 
they are new... and she sings about them:
"They are perrrrrrrr-fect!"
on my counter?
my May Birchbox of course...
i immediately took a picture of all the goods and texted my mama!
{she was here in February visiting for a week and had never heard of Birchbox... Lo and Behold my February box arrived during her stay and she got to have her choice of anything in the precious little box! and we ooo'ed and ahhhh'ed over all the yummy products!}
tonight for supper?
spaghetti and meatballs!
  Hasta La Pasta chickies,

Monday, May 7, 2012

braids make me smile

I have this thing about braids....
I simply LOVE them!
I wish that I could braid my hair without having all of the blood run down into my armpits immediately....
Or maybe if I could just have some precious person like my mom (love her) come and braid my hair for me each day :) wouldn't that be tops!?!
I found a few ideas (on Pinterest of course) just recently, that I think I am going to try.  On my own.
What do we think??

Tonight's schedule:
Head to the store and get color for this grey mare....
I mean SERIOUSLY people!!!!
Fill in the grey's 
and then....
attempt a braid!
I promise to include all of YOU!
xx's and oo's,

did you say Anthropologie? Yes, yes I did!!!

** I say that as there is a plethora of birds chirping in my backyard!  I opened the window and it is like pure springtime bliss back there... birds, crickets, frogs galore!!!
I laid in bed listening to my very own lullaby going on outside last night, and wondered what it would be like if I lived in a city and went to bed hearing cars driving by instead.....
kind of made me want to take my pillow outside and savor it all - for a little bit - then come back inside and enjoy it from my bed!
I feel blessed! 
now, if I could whip up a garden, and have beauteous flowers like these, 
I would really be crack-a-lack-in!!!!
Did you have a good weekend?
Mine was amazing!!!!
I visited old friends that I haven't seen in WAAAAY too many years,
and got to see 2 of the 3 boys that I took care of in Middle and High School 
- they are now in there teens people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love these boys as if they were my own!!!!
The eldest was out of town for the morning, but next time he's all mine!
Turns out we don't live too terribly far from each other, so a grill out/kayak date is in the works!
It absolutely warmed my heart to hug these boys (and their mom and dad!!!) they were such a huge part of my life, and I am beyond thrilled to have them back in my life again!
No morning Starbucks date would be complete without a little trip over to Anthropologie,
so that's where we headed!
Natalie and I (Natalie is the mama to these 2 stud muffin boys!) and Josie, of course, went and swooned over everything pretty much at Anthro.... and I snagged the most comfortable shirt created..
Loving the burnt orange color!
AND my new phone!!!!
mine went ca put, so we spent an hour in Verizon Saturday evening trying to get everything squared away!
I will say this - and say it proudly....
they were all about the Smart Phones, and while I think they are amazing, it's just not for me!
Kind of made my head spin thinking of all of the gadgets, app's, etc....
So I opted for a "simple yet smart" version of a smart phone - and saved money AND they had a cute little pink cover for my phone too!!!
I think the Verizon staff could sense us slowing loosing our minds trying to entertain Josie this entire time, so they were giving their "order" to her - 
she had a little notebook and pen and was asking us if we wanted 
"chicken nuggets and chocolate milk"
The child never seizes to make me grin!
Have a blessed DAY!
I leave you with this....
"What the eye sees better the heart feels more deeply.
We not only increase the likelihood of our being moved;
we also run the risks that being moved entails.  Seeing increases
our vulnerability to being recruited to the welfare of another."
-Robert Kegan, The Evolving Self

{I just finished reading Ashley Judd's memoir and if left me feeling in AWE!!}

Friday, May 4, 2012

padded envelopes and caterpillars...

Good Morning my dears!
(insert EXTRA LARGE smiley face!)

So, my darling auntie deb sent miss thang a large padded envelope this week and it had a couple of her favorite things in it!!!
da da da da da dora pajamas!!
a tu-tu skirt!
her first night gown!  
a soft pink one with a ballerina frog on it!
we are on night 3 of rocking the frog pj's now.
pretty much doesn't get much better than that ladies and gents!
{auntie deb- you rock our world!!!! 
thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness!}
sporting her tu-tu outfit - happy as a clam dressed in pink.
--> and as if things couldn't get any better,
the next day we found a caterpillar....
poor little guy didn't stand much of a chance once this chick laid hands on it.
sorry little fella.

Coming soon:
pictures of the bench my dog ate.

Love y'all,

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

tuesday morning.

this may sound totally gross (by the way GOOD MORNING! hee hee hee oh yes, and HAPPY MAY DAY!) but I am having a reeeeeedonculous allergic reaction to my deodorant.... which, by the way, is a totally scent free, organic deodorant.  For serious people.  i don't know when, where, why or how my under arms decided to reject it, but it BURNS!  my skin is peeling all around my arm pits, and i kinda feel like a chimpanzee itching away at it. seriously!! TMI? possibly :)
something to cheer me up perhaps?  YES please!  check it out:
  my ranunculus i got from my besty for my birthday
 (on april 19th) 
are still rocking my windowsill! 
and there are more just waiting to BURST open!
love them. 
i worked a fundraiser in my hometown last weekend, so miss thang and i got to spend some wonderful mommy-daughter time together!  
our first stop on the way home was Barnes and Noble (duh!)
where we met grammy (my mama) and had a yummy snack and then scoured the shelves for books!
my mom snapped this pic on her phone: 
and i am IN LOVE with it!!!!
i absolutely
adore my daughter!
be still my beating heart!
miss josie: i am honored to be YOUR mama!
i got 3 books - and have read all of them but 2...
there is nothing like a good book my friends!
be blessed my loves,