Monday, May 14, 2012

an extra-special day!

Good Monday Morning!
Hope all you dear mama's had a lovely weekend, 
and hopefully you got pampered  (even just a little)
I did not want yesterday to end!
 I got up with my little chick and we snuggled, 
watched some toons,
ate a doughnut with sprinkles,
played hide and seek (aka "peek a boo" according to miss thang)
and then when we couldn't wait any longer, 
went and woke up papa bear!!!!
(he's been getting up SUPER early to work, so he needed to sleep in more than I did)
 Once we were all ready to ROCK and ROLL we packed our bags and headed to the beach!
Our destination:
pure beauty!!!
there is a tiny little lake by the falls that we love!
BUT, no trip would be complete without a cold beverage for this mama....
... sounds silly, but we don't keep diet coke in the house, so it's a TREAT!!!!
oh yes, and just for good measure...
i love him!
(and his dimples!)
this, my friends... is soooo miss thang!
saying "Mama... I can't want my picture!"
and then, the minute I turn around and she says "cheese!" and giggles!
after we played at the beach (those pictures coming soon), watched Bailey swim (quite a sight as she is SOOO excited she doesn't know whether to swim, or try and drink the water, or put her head under water...) we ate lunch at a drive in diner 
we headed to a little hole in wall antique store I had eyed up when we got into town...
there was this yellow stool... i had to have it!
both of my grandma's had one very similar, and i remember sitting on it as a little girl!
it's also a step stool! 
you just don't pass these kind of deals up!
my hubby, ever the loving man, let me go check it out and sure enough... 
now the "Sunshine Stool" has a new home!!!
as if things couldn't get any better....
as we were leaving town, i saw a sign for a pottery sale!!!
This mama loves pottery!
Soooo..... the hubster followed the signs and low and behold...
it did not disappoint!
i wish  i would have taken more pictures... but the most amazing group of people, use this incredible old home for their pottery sales, and there is a kiln in the back for firing their beautiful pots, bowls, mugs....
i was in awe!
AND i found a beautiful necklace to purchase!!!!
we arrived home and i was still smiling ear to ear!!!
my cup runneth over!
thank you to brian and josie for making me the proudest, happiest mama EVER!
I will post our beach pictures this afternoon!
Have a lovey morning sweet friends!


  1. What a great day! Looks like you had so much fun! : )

    P.S. We ran by my parents house yesterday and I saw they had one last diet soda in the kitchen and I HAD TO HAVE IT. I don't know the last time I had pop, but it was SO GOOD! : )

  2. aww so glad you had a great mothers day! Josie looks just like you!

    p.s. i adore husband, Jude and Lyla have them:)

  3. Sounds like a perfect day. Diet coke and a sprinkled donut on the same are my kind of girl!

  4. Aw, great day! Happy mother's day!

  5. I am cracking up about the diet coke because I had one too and it was such a treat. Happy Mother's Day!

  6. ADORABLE. That chair and that necklace? AWESOME finds, mama. Glad your day was wonderful - you deserve it!

  7. What an adorable blog you have, it made me smile! My son was born in 2009 as well, ahh they are so cute at this age! Happy greetings from Florida, I'll stop by again :)


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