Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marching Band WANNABE!


when I was a little girl, I was enamored of a lot of things... but in particular I dug the "flag girls" and "rifle girls" that marched in our local high school band. {I am proud to say that my very own sister was a stinking good flag girl - and good whip that flag like nobodies business!"

Well, a good friend of ours knew this about lil' old me and gave me a "practice rifle" that I could play with and pretend to be a marching band chick with.... BE STILL MY HEART!!!!

Here is the setting:

Our back yard, smack dab behind a bait shop {Yes I would cry when I saw all of the minnows in the alley - Steve Irwin would have too} on a hot summer day...

Me, my rifle in hand and a tape player at my heels... cue the marching band music {press play} and away I went!!!!!!!!! Marching, making up routines with my handy rifle, I was like a sleek, well oiled, marching band machine. Then I would whip the rifle in the air - it would spin so elegantly and then come crashing down right on top of me! A couple of times it ended up on the shed roof (cue father dearest and the ladder) it bruised me many a time... but no tear was shed (OK, actually I would get REALLY angry and whip the rifle at a tree or neighbor boy - sorry Nathan) for I was a "RIFLE GIRL!"

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tacos and ponytails

Taco salads for supper make Miss Josie oh so HAPPY!!!

Letting mommy put a ponytail in her hair makes this mama ECSTATIC!!! Love Love,


I aM tHaNkFuL fOr.....

~Crisp white towels

~A funky vintage necklace - just waiting for the perfect occasion

~Robins eggs in dainty nests

~The smell of fresh lavender

~A best friend to call many times a day

~A refridgerator covered in pictures of loved ones

~Finger paints

~A perfect crescent moon

~The way it feels to slide barefeet into a pair of crocs after a LOOONG winter

{Feels stellar!}

**I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Wednesday**

Feeling blessed for good health, a precious family, the sun shining on my face & a daughter that cannot get enough sidewalk chalk :-)

P.S. How cute are these?????

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am a FREAK!


So in case you haven't noticed... I have kinda given my blog a good once over!

I am so new to all of this, and did some investigating and "decorating" of my blog and I am really digging it!

I apologize that each time you come to visit it looks different! :-)

I honestly have sat here - on the couch - for a while tonight, just playing around with the ole blog and now my foot has fallen asleep and my eyes are tired...

so goodnight. sleep tight. don't let the bedbugs bite.


Your fearless leader.


~This past Sunday we celebrated Josie's baptism with friends and family. It was most wonderful and actually kind of emotional (for me at least.) She was so joyful and radiated love given to her by such a remarkable new church family!

**We are truly blessed!**

Here are some pictures from the day - brought to your by my bestie Beth (Thank you a million times over Em - they are fab!)~


Love this!

You don't mind if I just swing my leg over, do you? Ok!

She was mesmerized... too cute!

Blessings to our Josie!


Our country church - LOVE IT!

Digging into some presents perhaps?! Oh Buster!

She melts my heart!!!

Her cake topper was the BEST - absolutely darling! (Thanks mama!)

Happy Tuesday everyone!


So, remember a few posts back when I blogged about the giveaway I had entered at my friend Rachel's blog a little bit vintage ....

WELL, Lo and Behold

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The FABULOUS green dress by Shabby Apple is mine!

I about tinkled right then and there this morning - half awake - getting my goggles and snorkel on to go dip my head in my coffee! (It was an early morning for little old me.)

I am SO EXCITED and feel truly BLESSED to have won! I called the hubster at work - little does he know that the minute it arrives we are going on a date! YAY!

BIG shout out and THANKS to Rachel - go check out her BLOG - her photography is amazing and she's a sweetie!

Thanks again Rachel,


Friday, March 25, 2011

I am thankful for...
~a daughter that reaches out to hold my hand
~a dog that is always excited to see me
~getting excited about a date night with the love of my life
~an incredible church family
~the smoothe feeling of knitting needles
~a blue sky
~a card in the mail from my best friend (love you bethie)
~my mothers voice on the other end of the phone
~colorful jelly beans in a bowl
~the promise of God's everlasting love!!!
*Everyone have a super weekend*
*I will be back on Monday with Baptism pictures!!!*

Thursday, March 24, 2011

confessions on a thursday.

Some confessions for you on this lovely Thursday....
(Be sure to go over and show Katy some lovin')
~I recently bought a box of kleenex at the store because I thought the box was SUPER CUTE and FUNKY! I may just keep filling it up with kleenex and use it. Forever.
~I have never been able to get up on water ski's - after MANY ATTEMPTS! So over it.
~I used to be really good about brushing our dogs teeth... and then I had a baby and my mind has been elsewhere. (Dog toothpaste REEKS!)
~I love to do sidewalk chalk - but really dislike the feeling of chalk on my hands! I know.. odd!
~One time, in Elementary School, a girl on the playground had on these TOTALLY AWESOME cowboy boots - I couldn't take my eyes off of them! She was on the swings (going full throttle - pumping), and I, the freak that I am, stood and stared at the boots as she swang (picturing myslef riding a horse with the fab boots on)... Needless to say, her boots hit my face so hard that it broke my nose and sent my entire body flying backwards. Not a pretty sight! Not. at. all.
(P.S. since this incident I have purchased riding boots and ridden many horses with them on.)
Yeeeee Haw,
Be sure to head over to my friend Rachel's blog "A Little Bit Vintage" and enter her GIVEAWAY!
You could be the winner of a gorgeous dress - something perfect to add to your Spring attire - Best of luck to you! :-)
Head over and tell her HI!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Look what I found...

*** I came across this picture today and had to chuckle (and share it with you, of course!) This is last May - my nephew and BUSTER!!!
Isn't she cute!?
No hair, just rolls! I love her :-)
~That's your day brightener!~

Spring has not recieved its memo...

Woke up to this today:So I made some of these...
For this little pumpkin!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coffee anyone?

Happy Tuesday! Let's have coffee, ok? OK!

So... if we were meeting up for coffee I would order (from Caribou - hope it's ok we meet there!) a LARGE Campfire Mocha with white chocolate and whipped cream on top :-) Before I even realized it was "virtual coffee day" (Hi Amy!) I was craving this!!! Sounds delic!

After we order I would apologize for the stench rolling off of me - let me explain:

My daughter is on amoxacillan (ear infection - AGAIN!) you know that nasty, crusty, stanky pink liquid??? Well, she's back on it and just the sight of me shaking the bottle of it sends her into a massive hissy fit! She flails, she kicks, she SCREAMS! (Can't blame her - yuck!) So you can about imagine what I look like holding her down - pouring it into her mouth! UGH! It usually ends up on me (the smell - gross!) and during last nights escapades it ended up down her onesie! Nice... I know!

But that is not all... (How is your coffee by the way??? Sorry I am blabbering on and on - you're the best listener EVER! I love you!) she is also on numbing ear drops! Now these suckers go in nice and smoothly, but they leave behind an odor that is less than desirable - no amount of washing, scrubbing, exfoliating can get rid of them... so when I go to give her a hug and some lovin' from mama - the drops have made her hair sticky - and NASTY! They numb my lips then too!

Oh the joys of motherhood!

All of this can, and does make me think... man, I wish I was someplace tropical (Margaritaville perhaps!?)... not dealing with antibiotics, ear drops, massive loads of laundry!

But then I am reassured that this is where I belong! I am a mommy. It is my job to take care of lil' ole Buster and there is nowhere else I would rather be.
God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams! Not every day is glorious, but it IS a day that I get to watch my child grow into an amazing human being! :-)
Can I just say that that felt wonderful!!! To get to vent a little, sip some coffee and enjoy a friend!
Thanks for meeting me! Happy Spring!



a blog facelift!

Hey friends - I gave the good ole' blog a little face lift for Spring - and I was frustrated with the previous background - I adore this yummy turquoise color! Just bought a blanket for my bed last night in the same color! Mmmm.... :-) Hope you are all having a great week - my hubby has my camera :-( boooooo so I will be posting pictures - but just not this morning!
Spring Blessings to each of you!

Monday, March 21, 2011


After a much needed - relaxing weekend on the North Shore I am feeling blessed. Peaceful. And like a sponge that has soaked up some lovin' from her mama...
Wanted to share some things I am thankful for with each of you today....
~crisp air on the water
~digging for seaglass in wellies
~waking up to the smell of coffee brewing
~being in the same room as my mom and daughter :-)
~hearing Jose talk in her own "baby language"
~drives up the shore to a delicious supper
~homemade pie with icecream
~hot baths
~wearing my moms clothes
~visiting the "Life is Good" shop and knowing that:
Life Is Good - Oh so good!
Happy Monday to each of you... we've been busy little bees and I haven't had time to blog, but promise to this week! Looking forward to Josie's baptism on Sunday - I had a nightmare lastnight that she threw a MASSIVE TANTRUM right as the pastor was going to baptize her! SCARY I tell you. SCARY!
~Mama Bee

Friday, March 18, 2011

Swap It Up!

Hey friends! Happy Friday :-)

Make sure you head over to Myriah Mae's Blog and sign up for her book swap! I am sooo there!

I have a closet FULL of yummy reads and can't wait to share!!!!

~Currently I am reading "1,000 Gifts" and it is LIFE CHANGING!~

Have a FANTASTIC weekend! Heading up to the North Shore for the weekend!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

this just in...

So, after a long time of singing the wrong lyrics to a pretty well known song.... my husband has informed me that I am sorely mistaken and actually kinda ridiculous! I think it's funny... so I am sharing :-) Why not!
Here's the CORRECT lyrics:
"Hold me closer tiny dancer...." (Elton John)

Here's my version that I have been singing for quite some time and made my husband laugh till he practically went off the road - and I kid you not - this is honest to goodness what I thought Mr. Elton himself was saying:

"Hold me closer Tony Danza..."

(que laughter. sighs of annoyance. whatevs floats your boat...)

Now why would one think such randomness?
Because! Because "Who's the Boss" was a stellar show and the man could vaccuum like no tomorrow - come on!!!! And I think he's cute! Sorry Elton :-)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a quote

So, after I just posted about praying for the people of Japan, I came across this quote and it really spoke to me.
Prayer is so powerful.
And even though tragedies happen - daily - we must not loose faith!
We must continue to press on - with God as our rock.
"Expect to have hope rekindled.
Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways.
The dry seasons in life do not last.
The spring rains will come again."
~Sarah Ban Breathnach

It's good to be back...

I just spent a very long time catching up on blogs that I follow and adding a few new ones! Yay!
Life has been
but wonderful....

Currently it is raining outside and the song from Bambi is in my head "Drip Drip Drop Little April Showers...." except it isn't April. It's March. But I love the rain and the cozy feeling inside my house - especially when it's quiet and everyone is napping! Peaceful.

As mentioned earlier, I came across some FABULOUS new occasional sales this past weekend, all with a "vintage" flavor and it made my heart go pitter patter! I also discovered a yarn shop that is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and tried on this - and want to learn how to knit them!

This little lovie makes my heart go pitter patter as well :-)

My daughter brings me so much joy everyday! She is energetic, funny, spontanious, a complete spitfire and I adore spending hours on end with her.... the hubster is leaving to go on an ice fishing "mancation" and me and miss J are hanging out! Perhaps we will go back to the yarn store and get mama some "pattern reading lessons!"

I hope each and every one of you is happy. Safe. Healthy and enjoying your week thus far. My heart is breaking for the people of Japan and I wish I could do something! Anything! But I think most importantly right now I can continue praying....

x's and o's...


It's ME!

Hey friends...
I am still here - just been busy doing all things SPRING! Enjoying some funky new vintage shops, playing outside, wearing my new nautical looking wellies - and of course taking care of little miss J. (Pictures from the weekend coming this afternoon!)
Life is Oh So Good!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sorry I have been away!
We had a beautiful weekend - and got to spend some time as a family outside enjoying the melting snow!!! Alleluia!

Isn't she just scrumptious???

Friday, March 4, 2011

lil bit of everything...

Hey kids!

~Felt like kind of a long week. And after all of the Dairy Queen talk in my previous "Confessions" post, I am totally getting a blizzard this weekend :-) In honor of all my blog friends!~
--->Here are some links for you - be sure to head over Here later and give her some blogging LOVE!<---

**Just came across THIS fabulous little kitchen gadget online and may have to have it - to open what bottles? I dunno. But it would look stellar in my kitchen AND I just recently saw an actual sea turtle while scuba diving in Mexico. They are HUGE!

***Totally digging THESE boots and thinking they may have to be mine to sport for Josie's baptism at the end of March!?!? Possibly with some cute knee high Smart Wool socks!? I'm just say'n!

**I would like to wake up with HER HAIR please! And speaking of hair, THIS product is my new FAV!
***Can I please hibernate in any one of these places until Spring has Sprung!? PLLEEEAAASSEE!? OK. thanks.
***Definitely purchasing these Yo Gabba Gabba tennis shoes for my little Tasmanian devil - because they are pretty much to die for cute.
That's all she wrote for now. But I will be back!!!
Much love to you and yours,

Thursday, March 3, 2011


We made it to THURSDAY y'all! WHOOP WHOOP :-) And now, some confessions (showing some love to Miss Katy you should too):
  • I LOVE taking baths. If I could I would take multiple hot baths a day. Shower? Nope! It's all about the tub - few things cannot be made better by sitting in a hot bath... pardon me while I go soak. (Just kidding!)
  • I am extremely proud of myself for keeping my cool this morning. I stubbed, and I mean STUBBED my toe so hard on the wooden rocking horse in our livingroom that I thought I may go postal.... OH LORD HOW IT HURT! I excused myself from playing and went into my bedroom to take several very deep breaths and pretend I had a "toe epidural" going strong in my system.
  • Remember Chia Pets? I never had one and would really have LOVED one! Instead I have my daycare kids grow grass in a dixie cup and give "it" a haircut! Fun Spring craft alert!
  • I love Buff's - and want one in every color & design possible please!
  • I could eat cereal for every meal of the day - and snacks!
  • I NEVER eat Dairy Queen in the Winter - it's strictly a Summer thang for me!

I hope you all have a FABULOUS Thursday! Make it a great one...


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little loving to Athleta...

So, a couple of weeks ago I posted about the new sweater/wrap that was on it's way to my house from, lo and behold it arrived - and I haven't taken it off since :-)

WOW! This picture is very scary of me - I apologize! You get the idea tho!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cream in your coffee???

~So... I have decided, now that the sun has set, I have bathed and am snug as a bug in a rug - to ask you to join me for coffee (we can make it decaf it you'd like)! I am linking up with Virtual Coffee today and am so excited to have found Amy's blog! :-) (** A side note about coffee: I do daycare out of my home and each morning I brew a pot of Caribou Blend and have disposable coffee cups and lids so that I can offer the parents that drop off a fresh cup of "Joe" on their way to where they are going! It's just a gesture I like to make, because I know how blessed I would feel by it! ** I, of course help myself to several mugs of coffee each day too! Mmmm.....)

Now, onto our coffee date... Since this is the first time I am doing coffee virtually I am going to say WELCOME and thanks for stopping over I will now take the time to share some things about myself... so we can get to know each other better. You can also tell me all about yourself too!

~I am 6 feet tall - all legs and my husband is 6'5" - that makes for most likely a very TALL bambino. Josie was long at birth and continues to climb her way up at each checkup. Neither one of us played sports - I did ballet and was in theatre! Brian is an avid 4-wheeler/ice fisher/outdoorsy lumberjack man (I LOOOVE HIM!) We have been married 3 years and were wed in the winter on Lake Superior on a beautiful day with glistening snow falling ever so lightly - magical!

~I really don't enjoy shaving my legs - I mean, I do, so I am not a hairy gorilla - but I always cut my knees (because I am in a hurry to get it done) and could SOOOOOOOOOOO do without!

~I have worn yoga pants all winter - they were on sale at Shopko, AND they were in longs, so I bought 3 pairs and have lived in them! They are going in the trash ASAP and I can't wait to get out my sundresses, skirts and capris! I LOVE SUMMER!

~I love to brush my teeth after each meal - otherwise my teeth feel fuzzy - a little strange perhaps, but keeps the cavities away! :-) YAY!

~You will never see me without my Nalgene bottle! It's pretty much always with me with water - sometimes water with lemon for me to sip on! I swear it keeps me energized - and I need to because I am with kiddo's all day!

~I love walkie-talkies (can we say random?!?) :-) They are just FUN!

~I love Ireland. Have been there once and want to go again soon!

At this point in our coffee date, we would notice that our mugs are empty and we both have to pee, so we would call it a good date, and schedule another one. Soon!

Love Love to you my friend.