Wednesday, March 16, 2011

this just in...

So, after a long time of singing the wrong lyrics to a pretty well known song.... my husband has informed me that I am sorely mistaken and actually kinda ridiculous! I think it's funny... so I am sharing :-) Why not!
Here's the CORRECT lyrics:
"Hold me closer tiny dancer...." (Elton John)

Here's my version that I have been singing for quite some time and made my husband laugh till he practically went off the road - and I kid you not - this is honest to goodness what I thought Mr. Elton himself was saying:

"Hold me closer Tony Danza..."

(que laughter. sighs of annoyance. whatevs floats your boat...)

Now why would one think such randomness?
Because! Because "Who's the Boss" was a stellar show and the man could vaccuum like no tomorrow - come on!!!! And I think he's cute! Sorry Elton :-)

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