Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marching Band WANNABE!


when I was a little girl, I was enamored of a lot of things... but in particular I dug the "flag girls" and "rifle girls" that marched in our local high school band. {I am proud to say that my very own sister was a stinking good flag girl - and good whip that flag like nobodies business!"

Well, a good friend of ours knew this about lil' old me and gave me a "practice rifle" that I could play with and pretend to be a marching band chick with.... BE STILL MY HEART!!!!

Here is the setting:

Our back yard, smack dab behind a bait shop {Yes I would cry when I saw all of the minnows in the alley - Steve Irwin would have too} on a hot summer day...

Me, my rifle in hand and a tape player at my heels... cue the marching band music {press play} and away I went!!!!!!!!! Marching, making up routines with my handy rifle, I was like a sleek, well oiled, marching band machine. Then I would whip the rifle in the air - it would spin so elegantly and then come crashing down right on top of me! A couple of times it ended up on the shed roof (cue father dearest and the ladder) it bruised me many a time... but no tear was shed (OK, actually I would get REALLY angry and whip the rifle at a tree or neighbor boy - sorry Nathan) for I was a "RIFLE GIRL!"

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