Friday, April 1, 2011

The FABULOUS five!!!

This Sunday I get the pleasure of spending the afternoon with 4 of my dearest friends!

We call ourselves the Fab 5 and have been "together" for years!

The ties that bind us are beautiful, as are these women!

I have known Adria and Beth since I was a wee lass - and actually Beth was in the delivery room when I gave birth to Buster! She was amazing, and I won't mention what she went thru - let's just say a puke bucket and cool washcloth were key essentials to Josie's welcome into this universe! God Bless You BETHIE!

This was taken several weeks before I had Josie and is one of my most treasured photos of us! I ADORE these women!!!

I hope you all have a SPLENDID weekend!

Happy April 1st - no foolin around! :-)



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