Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A cup of Java...

Hello friend!

So, if we were meeting for coffee this morning (afternoon, actually) I would ask you how you are enjoying this lovely Spring weather? I have taken the kids to the park just about every day and by the time we get home, eat lunch and read a few books they are completely exhausted! (It's a good thing!) I, myself am actually pretty tuckered out by the end of the day too... but am in love with the fresh air.

Seeing things blooming makes me rejoice! Watching the snow melt away gives me a sense of renewal.... I wish we had forsythia in bloom here.... but we don't. However, my dear Aunt in Georgia knows a thing or two about "Yellow Bells" and was sweet enough to share with me some of her snapshots she got while in NC last weekend:

BE STILL MY HEART!!!! (Thanks for sharing Cathy!)

I would also tell you that my sweet Buster girl thinks the deck is pretty much AWESOME, RADICAL, TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL! As soon as we bust open the screen door - she is right there checking out the scenery - and looking between the cracks down at the cement! Such a curious cat!

(Yes she is wearing tennis hoes and pj's - that is how she rolls!)
Better scoot .... the kids are going to start waking up soon!

Thanks for stopping by... sorry to "sip and run!"



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