Monday, April 11, 2011

I have found myself complaining a lot today, and really want to keep things in perspective. So I am sitting down to forget all that is negative - and breath in some positive!!! Keeping the glass half full today folks.
I am so thankful for: ~My loving husband. He brings out the best in me! I love you sweetie! ~BuStEr... you bring me the utmost joy my sweet babe! ~The frogs. In the swamp. Croaking and looking for love :-) ~Green grass in the near future! ALLELUIA! ~Fresh food off of the grill. ~Seeing the awe in my daughters face when she steps onto the deck! I think she forgot it was there because it was covered in snow *** ~Homemade banana bread (eating a slice as we speak!) ~My health. ~A sun that rises and sets each day. ~Birds at the feeder. (Chicka-dee-dee-dee) ~Easter crafts completed by children :-) (Adorable!)

~This pictures brought a huge smile to my face - had to share it!

Happy Monday to you all.

Life is Oh So Good!


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