Monday, December 22, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things....

Happy Monday Friends, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
I figure now is as good a time as any to re-vamp the old blog.  I have been feeling (Pin)spired lately and really missing this happy place of mine.  I scrolled back to the very beginning of This Little Life of Mine and my eyes filled with tears.... Josie was a rolly polly precious little baby - she is now a 5 year old that adores preschool, gymnastics, ice skating, dancing, anything having to do with American Girl Dolls and is a rocking good backup Christmas carol singer in the car!  She truly is a GEM! 
(this is NOT our ginormous dog - it is our daycare providers - he is a sweet teddy bear named Ambrose)
And we must not forget about Mr. Hubbling - he is my main squeeze and earned extra points when he shoveled off our marsh, set up lights and a warming house in our back yard - just call me Nancy Kerrigan (teeheehee!)
We have been having "Skate Dates" on our rink before supper!  It's the BEST EVER!
Now it's on with the show!!!  What would a blog post be without some of Pinterest fun?
Here are a few of my FAVORITE THINGS that have been bringing me joy lately....
`winter winter winter
Vintage Christmas card
**I simply love vintage postcards like this!  It reminds me of a book that my grandma used to put out every year on her coffee table.  Memories like that are what make the holidays so special!  Don't you agree?**
☆ White Christmas Wonderland ☆
Un bonhomme de neige en boules de p√Ęte d'amande avec des boutons en sucre et un chapeau en tissu
 Some knit goods, done by yours truly!!! 
My sweet friend Beth and I did a small craft show at the beginning of December, and I made my debut with knit baby hats and adult cowls - I even had fancy little tags on each one (THANK YOU BETHIE FOR YOUR ARTISTIC BLESSINGS) as well as vintage buttons and fancy fabulous ribbon (THANK YOU MAMA FOR THE RIBBON AND BUTTONS! and JoAnne fabrics!)
Isn't this the CUTEST tag EVER???
I hope each and every one of you has a warm and happy Christmas - embrace those around you and take time to sit back and soak up the holiday season and all that it represents to you and your loved ones.
A Very Merry Christmas to YOU,