Wednesday, March 28, 2012

oh fer cute!

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ok friends....
i came across THIS this morning...
and we must discuss how absolutely darling it is!!!
bunny bowling!
check out the tutorial HERE!
** my favorite part is the fabric on the insides of the ears!
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do you like Cadburry Eggs?
they are like the most ultimate delicious snicky snack to have as a treat on Easter!
my grandpa (who passed away one year ago on Easter Sunday LOVED them!)
you can make these sinfully yummy cupcakes...
go HERE!
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ummmm.... this MUST come to my house,
and hang on my door,
for the whole world to see!
Dear Etsy,
you rock!
Get yours HERE!
well, hello there little petunia!
(thought i would throw this in for good measure!)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

she makes me a better person.

this joyful little girl of mine.
Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

for reals.

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even when you are trying to "jog" and the dog is underneath your feet and you almost trip and fall flat on your face/
even when that same toddler dog sees a car coming and stops dead in her tracks whilst you attempt to "jog" (remember: Couch to 5K) and then when that car passes you and almost hits you the dog thinks she should chase it and pulls your arm. hard.
dear bailey,
i love you.
i really do.
but you are never coming on a walk/jog workout with me again.
sorry sister.
your mother.
p.s. this just in - i think i have found my VERY FIRST 5K to sign up for!!!!
Chelsea - you and me girly!

something salty.

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this just in:
the first thing my daughter wants to eat when she wakes up in the morning is
pickles or pretzels.
of all the things to choose from,
these are the things she desires!!!
of course, we make nutritious meals, and usually she'll
"sample" them,
but when it comes right down to it:
and has a thing for pickles.
pickles or pretels.
maybe it's a letter "p" thing?!

Tickle Me Tuesday is HERE!

to you sweet chick-a-dee dee deee's!
I am linking up with Sarah, over at Yes, Teacher today for.......

Come and join us and share what's tickling your fancy these days!


i snapped this picture on saturday, at the zoo!

we were in front of the bobcat den and josie was saying "come here kitty, kitty" and making a kissing sound - smacking her lips


girlfriend melts my heart!!!!

Owl Love You Forever - Hand Stamped Copper Necklace

you must, must, must go over to jessicaNdesigns on etsy

and check out her hand stamped items!!!

i purchased this "Owl Love You Forever" necklace, and it has a J charm on it!!!

it is to die for - Miss Thang LOOOOVES owls (aka Hoo Hoo's)

Orange and pale blue gold earrings - orange blue - orange carnelian earrings - shimmery dangle earrings

aren't these colors YUMMY together???!!!

and quite possibly perfect for a Spring wedding we are attending late March?!


** these are from one of my FAVORITE etsy shops as well...

go over to OliveYewJewels on etsy and check her out!!!

Fabulous Vintage Metallic Gold 1950s/1960s Cat-Eye Frames

loving these vintage sunglasses!!!

they remind me of something straight out of the movie

"The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood"

~ love ~


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** i started the Couch to 5K workout on Sunday and it rocked!

the 20 minutes went waaaay faster than i had anticipated AND i pushed josie in the jogger stroller... she kept me smiling - and we listened to her dora the explorer radio - gotta love that, right!?

for more info on the Couch to 5K click HERE!

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last but not least..

there is NOTHING that tickles my fancy like a YARD SALE!

for. serious. people.

they should be starting here soon, and this mama is READY FOR ACTION!

i have to grab all of the quarters from the hubsters "change jar!"(don't tell him) asap because you just never know when you'll come upon a TREASURE!

oooooooo.. i can hardly WAIT!



Thanks for stopping by today lovies!!!

sorry it's been an entire week since i have blogged


we have had 80 degree weather here, and i am in my element!


but promise not to neglect you!

i will come and visit YOU now!

lots of love and sunshine being sent your way,


Monday, March 12, 2012

Tuesday Ten. PICTURES!

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!!
I am linking up with Lena today, from Mom2MemphisAndRuby
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This weeks theme: Pictures!
So, in no particular order, here are 10 of my FAVORITE pictures...
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** Enjoy your day and make is a FABULOUS one! **

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Guess what friends!?
I am over at Cover to Cover... and Everything in Between TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My little bloggy is being featured TODAY for
Check Her Bloggy Out!
Can you STAND IT!?

baby likey.

Good Morning Lovey Dovey's!!!!
How was your weekend?
We were INCREDIBLEY blessed with gorgeous weather!
Sunny and 64 degrees on Sunday!
Ohhh so blissful!
Josie and I spent some time at Grandma's,
which is always a good time...
Especially when grammy gives Josie

little pink pearl candies!


oh grammy!! i think these are for decorating cookies... but whatevs!?

miss thang didn't hesitate to feed them to her baby...

or more like SHOVE them into her little open mouth
:).... baby likey!!!!
SMILES all around today!

Friday, March 9, 2012

this week.

not gonna lie.
this week seemed to move kind of slowly.
it was actually nice, because i felt like i could breathe...
enjoy a meal with my family.
no hustle and bustle.
just nice.
** i sure do love a friday tho!**
here's a couple pic's i snapped on my phone this week:
a perfect green - playdoh - shamrock!
(if i do say so myself!)
my husband was gone (fishing) for about 3 hours and the dog was not happy!
we have until Monday without papa...
Sorry Bailey!

josie's "Wahoo" (the pink, rubber, bouncy dog)
rocking a Buff headband, compliments of Miss Thang!
--> have a TERRIFIC weekend y'all!!!!! <--

Thursday, March 8, 2012

thoughts on thursday :)

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hello my dear, dear friends!
sorry i haven't blogged.
the sun has been shining and we got to take a long walk night before last.
i pulled josie in her red wagon and brian walked the dog.
it felt very springy!!!
this is the time of year, when i want to blink my eyes and have the snow be GONE!
and i want tulips to bloom, frogs to croak, and tree buds to burst....
all in good time.
** for now, i will drink my coffee out of this bright
- springy
- Kate Spade mug
(THAT WAS ON THE CLEARANCE RACK!!! i love a deal. amen)
i am really excited for this weekend:
***mommy/josie weekend!***
daddy is going ice fishing
& this mama and her girl are heading to grandma's!
first stop on Saturday will be:
and then when we get home (my hometown!)
there is a new botique i am super excited to check out:
--> and the BEST PART??
the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny!!!
so hopefully i can push buggy girl in her stroller!!!!
alleluia for SprinG!
do you have any weekend plans?
if we were neighbors, i would invite you along!
AND let you drink out of my fun mug!
'cause I love ya!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesdays!!!

Rising and Shining and doing my Tickle Me Tuesday post!!!
The day is off to a great start!
Come over to Yes, Teacher! and join us, won't you??

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dear little turtle,,

you. are. darling.

and last, but not least...

listen to THIS.

i wept!

and the goosebumps have not gone away!!!!

have a WONDERFUL Tuesday my sweets,


some things.

Well, hello there!
How was your weekend?
Ours was very nice.... we ate yummy grilled steaks on Saturday night,
and it reminded me of Summer!
The only thing missing was corn on the cob and the sound of crickets!
chirp chirp
On a completely different note,
here are some things that I currently cannot live without

and they are oh so gentle on miss thangs precious little nose!

ohhhhh this is yummy!

i love a good shampoo/conditioner as much as i love a good mug of coffee,

and this is FABULOUS!

i love the rosemary smell


Dear Burt,

you are just plain awesome!!!

i love ya man!

just picked up this blazer at Old Navy!!!

i looooove the bittersweet color!

and... it's linen - perfect for Spring and Summer -

or a cold winter Sunday (aka: Yesterday!)


ok... so this DARLING red coffee maker isn't exactly MINE, YET!!!

but it is on my birthday list!

** April 19th **

somebody tell my husband!

Have a SPLENDID day....

and remember:



Sunday, March 4, 2012

sugar cubes.

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Good Morning dearhearts...
is the sun shining bright where you live?
we woke up to blue skies this morning -
and that puts a SMILE on this mama's face
when you were little, did you go to Sunday School?
our church started at 8 AM
when i was a youngen,
and Sunday School was afterwards.
here's what i remember:
- immediately after church... i would run down to where they were serving coffee and cookies and grab a handful of sugar cubes!!!
for reals.
no cookies.
no coffee.
just a handful of cubes!
i am weird now - i was weird then.
-after sucking down my cubes i would head to whichever area my class met at.
-my favorite thing to do was crafts, coloring, games and singing!
-my aunt taught all of us chickadees music that we would eventually sing in church for our families - and who doesn't love an altar full of young little lambs singing their hearts out!?
-i guarantee you i was that child up in front waving to her mom and dad, shouting out "hi mom!" and yanking on her tights that were falling down - OR, most likely the little that had to pee super bad and didn't go before singing, so she's holding herself and crossing her legs so she doesn't piddle on the sanctuary!
i dare you to find that child in church today!
sending lots of love and laughter your way today!!!
p.s. I wrote THIS bathroom saga story when i first started blogging
-another sweet church memory!

Friday, March 2, 2012

5 minutes peace.

.. lastnight, after many, many hours spent playing in the snow all day...
I ran myself a HOT bath and sat for a very l-o-n-g time!
warming up and just letting myself sit.
it was glorious!
and steamy!
and oh so wonderful!!!
afterwards, my plan was to go downstairs and crawl right into bed (notice the word WAS) - it was going to be blissful... and then i realized............
the sheets were in the dryer!
the bed wasn't made.
and i am pretty sure in the middle of my hot, steamy soak i muttered:
and that. was that. i attempted to lock in all of the warmth and exfoliating on my skin provided by Aveeno bodywash by getting directly into a cozy bathrobe,
but the minute i opened that bathroom door, josie needed her mommy (and a pacifier, and bed!) and i had a bed to make.
being a mother is a full.
it reminds me of this book:

have you ever seen it? or read it?

i had it when i was a little girl - and now it is all coming back to me!!!

for as long as i can remember, i would go into the bathroom and my mom would be trying to relax, soak, maybe even read a magazine... and i would either need something (a bed snack), want something (my hair braided),

or grab a barbie doll

and have her do back flips into the water off of her diving board

(aka. the water spout! duh!)

and every time, my mom would just smile and let me have at it!

she was gentle.



and i vow to be the same way!

babies grow WAAAAAY to fast and i want to cherish it all.


happy friday chick-a-dees,

Mama Maggie

Thursday, March 1, 2012

luck of the Irrrrish...

- my little brain is thinking away for St.Patrick's day parrrrtaaay ideas!
do you celebrate St. Patty's?
do you wear green in honor of?
and tell everyone you're Irish (even if you're not - like me! ha!) so you get a smoochie!?
(heee heee heeeee)
** here's what i have found so far:
wanna make one of these beauties?
go HERE for all the deets!
ok... now if this isn't just PRECIOUS!
and super duper easy, too!
(love me some chocolates!!!!)
get all of the instructions HERE.
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these reminded me of Sixlets?
ohhhhh yum-num-num!
find the supplies and make yours HERE!
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i totally have a shamrock cookie cutter!
and this chick will be brewing up some green frosting to make these!
i wish you could all come and celebrate with me!
hope you are having a rockin' great Thursday!!!!