Saturday, June 19, 2010

A bathroom saga

The other day, Josie and I were in the pharmacy picking up a bunch of stuff after our visit to the pediatrician (Josie's 2 front teeth are coming in and she has been miserable!) and I was trying to hold her (can you say 22.5 pound BUSTER?) her diaper bag, my purse (which isn't a small little satchel) the pharmacy bag AND sign the receipt. Luckily the woman behind the counter was a gentle loving nice lady and held the paper while I signed... but if you have ever been in this kind of predicament before you can understand how it makes one SWEAT!!! (Oh wait, that isn't sweat... it's drool! Not mine, but BUSTERS!! Oh Buster!) So while all of this hoopla is going on, part of me (even though I never would) wanted to just turn to the lady next to me (she looked friendly) and say... here.. can you hold her for just a sec? Pardon the drool. Thanks! And then pray that she wasn't at the doctor for anything contagious! Now, as I said I would never do that (or at least I don't think I would - ha!) BUT, believe it or not this has actually happened to ME! YES, little old me... when I was about 9 years old and in the church bathroom (of all places!) I had just washed my hands and was just about to walk out the door when in stormed a woman and her slew of children (pretty sure it wasn't Kate Plus 8 - but it coulda' been!) And in this woman's arms is a precious newborn who is basically along for the ride. I kind of stood to the side wide eyed and bushy tailed waiting for them to all get in so I could sneak out when she said in a very matter of fact way "Hey! Can you hold him?" And I am pretty sure the look on my face was one of disbelief - because she repeated herself and then proceeded to hand me a baby all swaddled like Jesus!!! Then she sent one child into one stall and took the other young child with her into the other stall. Dumbfounded, I stood on that bathroom tile and didn't move a wink - except to glance into the mirror and see what I looked like holding a precious young "baby Jesus!" I looked pretty natural... not gonna lie :-) and before I knew it mama and the kiddies were out of the bathroom... washing up and she took the baby back and was out the door - off to hear the end of the sermon! It was like a whirlwind experience! I couldn't believe what had just happened! I headed back to our church pew and told my mom and she just shook her head in disbelief and said "See Maggie, Jesus put you in that bathroom right when that lady needed you!" I felt oddly special. Lucky. Blessed! And would do it again in a heartbeat! I would probably check myself out in the mirror too... not gonna lie! ;-) wink wink

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