Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The M-O-U-S-E (not Mickey Mouse either)

So, about 2 evenings ago... My husband comes to bed around 11:00 PM just as I am waking from my 3 hours of sleep thus far (yes, I go to bed WAAAY before him... I know I'm a baby... I need my sleep tho people) and am heading to the door to go to the bathroom and he grabs me by the shoulders quite calmly, looks me straight in my sleepy eyes and says "Maggie, there is a mouse in the house." Now I am not one to exaggerate (NOT! I am a total drama mama!) but I do believe the first thing I did was slam our bedroom door and grab onto my husband as tho we were on the Titanic and it was going down. (And p.s. I am pretty sure that little ole' Mousey McMouserton could squeeze his little germ infested body under our bedroom door as well.) So there we are, me squeezing the life out of my hubby and him pushing me away like I have cooties or something and he says "Everybody gets them Maggie! Everybody!" As though we are talking about some common cold or something! SEEERIOUSLY! Not me! Not this chick! I DO NOT GET MICE! So I climb back into bed with goosebumps covering my body and cling to Brian (again, as he is pushing me away) and start asking him 1,000 questions:
"Babe, did you set any traps?" "Yes... 3"
"Babe, where did you set the traps? "Kitchen, living room, basement."
"But honey, what if it climbs into our bed?" "It's on my face right now."
"Babe, what did it look like?" "Field mouse. Small."
"Babe, was it carrying a Juicy Couture purse? "No, a Coach one."
And so on and so forth... all the while my husband is getting more annoyed and impatient with me (really, I have no idea why he would be)... and ends the discussion by saying "Enough! I am going to bed. I never should have told you!" And I comeback with "I know! You shouldn't have told me! What am I going to do NOW?" And that was that - quiet took over and we let Jesus Take The Wheel....
This is DEFINITELY a 2 part story - because I have been waiting for the CLICK of a mousetrap to go off... And have not yet had the pleasure of hearing it! :-( I just KNOW that the mommy and daddy McMouserton's are reproducing as we speak and pretty soon it will be like the Duggar family in my basement "19 and counting!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can't take it! I think I shall take my Juicy Couture purse and sleep in my sleek new mini van - Also, another story!
Til then...
God Speed.

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