Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Hey all! Not to worry! We are still here out on the homestead. Sun soaked and feeling fine! :-) We had a fun filled Memorial Day weekend including a trip to Taylor's Falls for some hiking (and carrying a stroller over boulders with a 22 pound Buster on board - she loved it!) an evening bonfire with Alfred Hitchcock moments of June bug insanity (don't even get me started!) and some boating with friends! Josie is still recovering from all of the fresh-air (sleeping hasn't been her friend - or mine) AND has 2 very sharp bottom teeth coming in - just ask Brian... She bit him this evening! :-( Poor papa bear! Overall though we were blessed with warm, sunny weather and more importantly FAMILY FUN!!! :-) Here are some pictures for you......
Josie loving up on daddy :-)
Big smiles!
My little outdoor girl :-)
Swim Swim!
This is how we roll :-)
Allow me to share a quote from a young boy I once nannied for - referring to his wacky nanny (ME!) he says "Now I know why your mom calls you nutsie!" (I thought that suited this picture quite nicely :-)
The Hubster (and his dimples Sven and Olga)

Now you must excuse me - Jersey Shore is on in the next room and I MUST go check out Snookie's "poof" hairstyle (Just kidding - kinda!)

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