Tuesday, January 31, 2012

tickle monster!!!

hey friends!
it's tuesday...
and that means we are linking up with Sara over at "Yes, Teacher"
Here's a few things this chick is digging....
Grey Felt Card Holder/Wallet with Valentine's Red Heart

you MUST... i repeat MUST move quicker than cupid's arrow and head over

HERE to check out these darling felted card holders!!!

Clutch bag - Typewriter in pink - metal frame purse with shoulder strap

this clutch/purse made my heart skip a beat!!!

i have this thing about typewriters :)

i like when they 'ding' at the end of a row! (don't judge!)


go HERE to smile!

Valentine's Day Garland Playing Card and Knotted Fabric Garland Free Shipping to Ontario, Canada

ok... this card/fabric garland needs to be resting it's weary bones in my doorway!


Grab one HERE!

Happy TuEsDaY sweetpea's!!!



Monday, January 30, 2012

to the moon & stars...

we played outside... on the swings..
josie sat on my lap, and up, up, up we went.
out of nowhere she said:
"up to the moon mama!"
my heart skipped a beat.
i love this little girl more than words can say.
sweet buggy girl... you have blessed me beyond belief!
Your Mama.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Consignment Store & SPIRIT!

---> Sunday afternoon has arrived...
this is the time of day that I always feel like re-capping my weekend,
making a yummy/warm meal for supper,
and going to bed early so I can start out Monday on a fresh note!
**Yesterday I set out on a mission... and I had success!!!**
I went to a FABULOUS consignment shop, and was SUPER excited when I found this top:
hello bathroom mirror/cell phone shot...
I spy with my little eye, Miss Thang's blonde locks coming to see what mommy is doing!

I LOVE the buttons and satin ribbon that ties in back!!!

P.S. The tag on the shirt was this:

"wear it. declare it."

that's pretty much genius and darling and had me at hello!

why... hello there darling daughter!!!

her latest and greatest saying is entering a room, coming up to you and saying ..

"Hi Mama. What are you doing here?"


I am trying to teach her to change it to ... "Whatchu talkin 'bout Willis?!" but she just furrows her brown, wrinkles her nose, whips her hair and walks away....

D to the R to the A to the M to the A

Drama Queen!

This just in:

- our warm meal for the evening will be Hamburgers on the grill and yummy, crispy, seasoned french fries! Not quite the homemade pot roast I was going for... but delicious!

- I just went and saw "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" ....

it was intense.




and by the time it was over i had hardly touched my popcorn. unheard of!

~ Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I told you that I was going to sing in church? Well, I did, I loved every minute of it (after I swallowed my fear and closed my eyes)... people were incredibly nice and complementary.... but the comment that has made me feel so special, you could say, is what I was told today....

after church an elderly woman approached me and said that "she felt my spirit" when I sang.

it gave me goosebumps...

and made all of the nervousness that i felt, completely worth it!!!

if one person can feel it... then it's worth it!

I sang Natalie Grant's "Your Great Name" and it is a powerful song, with a powerful message, and i felt so much love from this woman!!!

I can't wait to sing again during Lent!


Happy Evening Friends,

Much love,


Saturday, January 28, 2012

A winner & today's agenda....

Good Morning sweet friends!!
Thank you ALL for entering the GIVEAWAY ...
The winner of was......
drum roll pleeeeaaaassseeee..........
way to go girl!!!
I will e-mail you and get your information so you can sport your new earrings ASAP!!!
Today's agenda:
** begin the day with a delicious chocolate covered doughnut WITH sprinkles! **
after that...
reeeeelaxing on the couch...
which is now the home to half of josie's bedroom!
{girlfriend loves to bring stuff ot the living room!}
and then...
hitting up a consignment shop I discovered a few towns over
a thrift store too!
Details coming this evening!! Tune in!
oh, also picking up a new book that just arrived, for yours truly, at the library!
right now...
a hot bath, and perhaps some new toenail polish is calling my name!
Whatever you do today ... ENJOY!
much love,

Friday, January 27, 2012

a best friend.

... so, last night a memory came into my head, and i felt a strong need to share it with all of you! it is a piece of me, a glimpse of my story, who i am and what has molded me into the person i am today....
let's rewind the tape back to middle school.... the very beginning of it... i am taller than all of the boys in my grade, all limbs and awkward, i am not in school a large amount because i have some health problems... chronic stomach aches and have to take many trips to clinics and hospitals for really uncomfortable procedures, scans, blood work..... not. fun.
i am crying to my mom one evening, because i have no friends.... i want a best friend! she is on the phone with my auntie deb, her older sister, and let's me talk and cry to her. my aunt hears my pain, and says "I'll be your best friend Maggie." she doesn't just say it to be nice, she means it! and honors it! we write each other letters, send cards, call each other, give each other gifts for birthdays and Christmas and it means the world to me! it sees me through a very rough patch of my adolescent years .... and i am grateful to my *DEB* for being there for me!!!!
... i will tell you this:
* eventually i was diagnosed with Esophageal Reflux and put on a strong medicine. i felt about a million times better within DAYS! :) Thank You PRILOSEC!
* the boys caught up to my height, and i found theatre!!!
* Deb was in the front row to see me in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"
**** my family has always been there for me - i am truly blessed!!! and without them i would not be me!!!
i am so incredibly grateful and though many tears were shed, i wouldn't change anything from those years - my family held me up, and continues to do so!
i wish you a BEAUTIFUL day friends,
and happy weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

sunshine, a hat, and Vanna White...

it is absolutely gorgous here today!
it was perfect weather to rock the todiefor darling hat my friend sara made!!!
it is THE WARMEST thing EV-AR
perfect to wear while digging in the snow with a wooden spoon
and making snow angels!
thank you sweet sara!
i love you.
Do not forget to enter my giveaway!!!!!
Did you see the big news that Pat Sajak and Vanna White have performed the ever so popular
Wheel Of Fortune
I mean, come on people.....
Really didn't need to know that....
Vanna, gotta say I'm a little dissapointed... do you have any idea how embarassing it would be to trip and fall flat on your face in some of your outfits!?
I'd like to buy a vowel, and something to sober up Miss White please!?
Whatever floats your boat, I guess!
Much love to you all,

tights rock!

for reals!
give. me. that. camera.
happy thursday buttercups!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's GIVEAWAY time! *********

Good Morning my sweet sunshines!!!!
I am shaking in my boots excited, because my blog has been viewed
10,000 times!
This is reason to CELEBRATE my sweet, sweet friends!!!
So what better than to THANK YOU for checking out my blog,
then to give you a chance to WIN something sparkly and spectacular!!!???
Here's the dealie-o....
one of these 3 items could be yours....
remember my BeStiE BETH over at BrownSparrowStudio??
She's amazing and talented and has graced us with a few of her handmade items...

ONE of these items is all YOURS.. all you have to do is:
1. Become a Follower of my blog (or leave a comment saying so if you already are)
2. Leave a comment letting me know which one of the three items is your FAVE!!
3. Head on over to BrownSparrowStudio and follow Beth on her bloggy journey!
So there you have it .... 3 ways to enter ... get your name thrown in a hat 3 times!
A winner will be announced SATURDAY morning over eggs and bacon!
kiss kiss,

Monday, January 23, 2012

s'more snow please!

guess what?
we woke up to snow!
white (duh!)
i snapped the pic up above during a morning outing!
it actually feels like winter today!
we made snow angels
i pulled josie in the sled - around the house - my legs still burn - i am in horrible shape
-enough said-
this just in:
Tune in to my blog - if you dare - and you know you dare -
because there will be a....................
wait... for... it....
A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do not miss it!
See you then!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

wake me up before you go go ...

{sidenote: this chick LOVES her summer hats ... but only in the Winter! i mean, come on... who doesn't like to rock a funky summer hat on a -8 degree day!?}
good morning darling friends ....
this just in:
- the gauze is off of miss thang's hand (praise Jesus!) and was replaced with 2 sturdy bandaids.
- she refers to the umbrella on her shirt as a "Bell Ella" {cracks me UP!}
- when you ask her if she wants milk or water in her sippy cup... she taps her chin with her pointer finger (like a rockstar detective) and say's "juice!" i say "no juice right now... milk or water?" and she says "Hmmmmm... milk or water? (pause) JUICE!"
can we say persistant? yes. we. can.
can we say here's some milk? yes. we.can.

Friday, January 20, 2012

good night nurse.

hello friday...
where have you been all my life!!?
we have had quite the past 24 hours here on the homestead...this mama woke up yesterday feeling nast-ay... so it was off to the dr.
cue: sinus infection and left lung bacterial infection...
What. The. Heck is that about!?
hello antibiotics, lots of water and rest!
***i am singing in church on sunday... with or without a runny nose,
continuous sneezing
and some coughing
... pretty sure there are no scouts coming from american idol...***
let's hope!:)
then it was josie's turn to have a visit with the doctor...she pinched her finger in a boat seat at gander mountain,a lot of blood and crying was involved,a frantic mommy drove like a maniac to the ER,an x-ray showed NO broken finger (whoo hooo)but they had to glue the incision - steri strip it - and wrap her entire hand in gauze.
the gauze has come off about 5 times today...
miss thang is not all about the white gauze messing with her peace!
and i'm sure she will LOVE the bread bag around her hand for bathtime!
other than these little incidents we are fine and dandy!
it is snowing, as we speak (it's about time)AND the weekend is right around the corner!
Yippy Skippy!!!
~I hope you all have a marvelous day~
Pinned Image

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

if you're happy and you know it say hooray!

Good Morning!
Buenos Dias!
Smell the coffee... dip your head in it if you'd like...
*Dora is on in the livingroom.
*My daughter is wearing a red shirt with a big pink cupcake on it and it looks SO CUTE! I had to talk her into wearing it (she would rather be a naked monkey) and pretend to eat the cupcake, tickle her, distract her... and now she has forgotten about it completely! Score 1 point for mama!
*Today, I will be purchasing fresh, fabulous TULIPS from the grocery store! I spied them yesterday and could have cried!!! They are my favorite! And when it is ZERO degrees outside... a beautious tulip boquet inside really makes me feel the LOVE!
*I came across a file of some photos from when Josie was just a wee lass... and had to share this picture with you lovies.... she had been practicing her crawling - and that's just about enough to tucker out a little chickie... so she decided right in front of the fridge was a great place for a snooze!
this child has blessed my life sooooooooooo much!
here's a couple other thangs that made me
this morning!
Pinned Image
tee heee heeee...
love those pearly whites!
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
** i just about had coffee coming out my nose when i discovered this!!!!! **
LOVE it!!!!!
... you know it's true TOO! ha!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

tickle me tuesday...

Yup... it's time for some fun things that are making me smile...
Tuesday edition....

--- > linking up HERE!
White mane - horse photograph -  pale grey - home decor wall art - 8 x 10 fine art print gbrosseau
I LOVE this print!!!!!!!
{found it HERE}
Felted Rocks, colorful handmade all natural wool felt home decor love heart housewares paperweight stone pebble dude hostess gift RED 3
** felted rocks **
be. still. my. heart.
how cute would these be in a little bowl, set our for your darling (or yourself!) on Valentine's DAY!?
a must have!!!
Purchase yours HeRe,
and I will do the same!

Pinned Image


this made me SMILE!!!

I am 6'0 tall and have heard this A MILLION times!

Hilarious *

Have a beautiful Tuesday friends!!!!


Monday, January 16, 2012

hello CaBeLa'S.... your animals rock!

yesterday was great.
we had a little family style date to Cabela's
the hubster had a gift card from Christmas that was burning a hole in his pocket,
so we loaded up into the truck... drove an hour to get there (luckily it's worth it!)
and checked out all of the animals!!!
josie was enamored of the moose and fishies
hubby was enamored of the ice fishing gear...
snapped a pic on my phone...
then we headed to Benigan's for some supper....
josie was an ABSOLUTE RIOT!!!!
sipping mama's lemon water...
... then letting out a big "ahhhhhhh..."
(as in... Wow that tastes GrEaT! So refreshing!")
girlfriend never fails to crack me up!!!
(thanks for snapping some picks honey! xxoo.)
got some sad news this morning...
a dear family friend of ours got the sad news that her horse, Hawkeye, passed away yesterday.
he was living at a separate farm, but still hers, and i can't even fathom her sadness.
she made me a necklace last winter, that has some of Hawkeye's horse hair in it, and i am wearing it today, thinking of her... and praying that time heals her heart!!!
i hope all of you have a SpLeNdId Monday!!!
much love,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

dear spring... you do realize it's January, don't you?

so, we've had unSeasonably w*a*r*m weather 'round these parts, and little miss has had the chance to enjoy her sandbox before it is covered in massive amounts of snow for the winter!
i couldn't resist snapping a few pic's of her doing her thang...
check out the owl (aka "hoo hoo" ) hat she's rockin! (thank you SaRa - you da best!)
{sidenote: i absolutely love when she "squats" and plays for long amounts of time!!! i don't know how girlfriend does it.... it makes my legs throb thinking about it! and then i feel a little elderly...}
happy weekend y'all.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

badda bing, badda boom...

good morning.
rise and shine.
wakey wakey - eggs and bakey (my personal favorite)!!!
i hope you all had more sleep then i did...
this mama had a wide awake munchkin from about 1:30-3....
good times? not really.
midnight mani's and pedi's ???
ummmm... not. so. much.
tonight.... we go to bed early!
but until sundown... let's slap a smile on, take a dive into a large, hot, strong mug of coffee, and dig the cute stuff i have mustered up....
Happy Friday.
& enjoy ***
Plait Trim Top
** this little beauty of a shirt arrived in the mail yesterday **
i may never take it off!!!
the vibrant colors are deeeelic'
{pinkie swear.}
SOOOOOOOOOO getting one of these and putting it in my bathroom... asap!
it speaks to me
Pinned Image
check. this. awesomeness. out. HERE.
ok people...
now if this isn't just one of the cutest dang ultra creative ideas ever...
i don't know what is!
dear cheese grater,
you are being sprayed turquoise... do not try and hide. i will find you!
Pinned Image
for reals?
how darling is this!?
it makes me crave frosting with sprinkles... how 'bout you??
Valentine craft swap cutest craft blog
i am shaking in my boots excited about the craft swap i signed up for!!!
Wanna Join in on the FUN?
head over to "Oh Strumpets" and get signed up...
and snag a darling little button for you blog, too!
it's going to be valentine-licious....
ok chickadees...
embrace your FRIDAY with all your might,
enjoy it...
and have an awesome weekend too!!

Happy Anniversary Honey!

4 years ago - today - i married the man of my dreams!
it was a magical day - and we were SO blessed to be surrounded by all of our nearest and dearest friends and family....
HUGE snowflakes fell all throughout the day, and all was calm,
and beautiful on Lake Superior.
I love you so very, very much Brian Lee Hubbling...
and am honored to be your wife!
YOU have my HEART,

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

tickle! tickle!

Hey Loves...
Linking up this afternoon with Sarah over at "Yes, Teacher!" for "Tickle me Tuesdays!"
Be sure to check it out
Hang on tight... cause here we go:
Pinned Image
... this made me smile!
it's bright.
it's funky.
'nough said :)
Pinned Image
i adore these little ceramic hearts
go here to get your own
Pinned Image
ohhhh be still my little old heart...
this camera strap cover tutorial is HERE!

The Kardashian's store & one last stay...

now... if that post title didn't grab your socks... I dunno what would!
hello! and good morning to each of you!
my dear, dear mama is here this week with me, hanging out, helping me organize,
praise the Lord
we are having so much fun! and tonight are heading to Michael's and Green Mill for supper!
the hubster, and grandpa are in California - road tripping!
i gave my husband SPECIFIC directions to find the "Dash" store (in Calabasas, where they are staying) buy me something small, and track down any of the Kardashian's :) and tell them hello from me!
i can't help but watch their show on t.v. - kind of addicting, but not really! makes me laugh for the most part - and annoys my husband A LOT!
well... the dude is pretty much THE BOMB... found the store, and had my dad take his picture!
"Dash" was closed :(
but the photo op was PERF!
perhaps they will have brunch this morning and stop by to do a little shopping
<3 love this handsome man! seriously!
ok... now, on with more important business....
this past weekend, we headed to Duluth, MN to stay at my parents home on Lake Superior - probably our last getaway up there since the house is on the market....
i had my camera on my neck the whole wknd and snapped some pic's...
just. for. you!
** one of our favorite things to look for on the North Shore...
heart shaped rocks...
this is my mama's collection! **
... my favorite little corner in the living room where we have had many little fires going.
jos and i spent a long time waiting for "big ships" (barges) Saturday morning!
girlfriend rocks the binoculars backwards....
that's how we roll (apparently!) tee hee hee :)

lo and behold - WE SAW A SHIP!!!!!

life on the North Shore is SUPERIOR (get it?!)

"we DID IT mama!!!"

It was a peaceful weekend and my mom sent Brian and I out for supper Saturday evening for an early 4 year wedding anniversary surprise (actual anniv on the 12th)... we were married in Duluth on an amazing January day!!!!! It is such a serene place, and I have wonderful memories...

Be Blessed TODAY sweet friends...