Friday, January 27, 2012

a best friend.

... so, last night a memory came into my head, and i felt a strong need to share it with all of you! it is a piece of me, a glimpse of my story, who i am and what has molded me into the person i am today....
let's rewind the tape back to middle school.... the very beginning of it... i am taller than all of the boys in my grade, all limbs and awkward, i am not in school a large amount because i have some health problems... chronic stomach aches and have to take many trips to clinics and hospitals for really uncomfortable procedures, scans, blood work..... not. fun.
i am crying to my mom one evening, because i have no friends.... i want a best friend! she is on the phone with my auntie deb, her older sister, and let's me talk and cry to her. my aunt hears my pain, and says "I'll be your best friend Maggie." she doesn't just say it to be nice, she means it! and honors it! we write each other letters, send cards, call each other, give each other gifts for birthdays and Christmas and it means the world to me! it sees me through a very rough patch of my adolescent years .... and i am grateful to my *DEB* for being there for me!!!!
... i will tell you this:
* eventually i was diagnosed with Esophageal Reflux and put on a strong medicine. i felt about a million times better within DAYS! :) Thank You PRILOSEC!
* the boys caught up to my height, and i found theatre!!!
* Deb was in the front row to see me in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"
**** my family has always been there for me - i am truly blessed!!! and without them i would not be me!!!
i am so incredibly grateful and though many tears were shed, i wouldn't change anything from those years - my family held me up, and continues to do so!
i wish you a BEAUTIFUL day friends,
and happy weekend!


  1. Oh Maggie, bless your heart! The middle school years are rough enough and to have health issues on top of that! Sounds like you have a wonderful family! wish we lived closer...I'm sure we would be great friends! Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Loved learning more about you, Maggie! Sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with esophageal reflux... that doesn't sound like ANY fun! I can totally see you on stage, you're just so fun and bubbly!

  3. so very glad that your family was there for you during that rough time in your life! :) it's such a blessing to have such a loving and caring family! i grow up in a family like yours....everyone was there for each other and loved and supported each other no matter what! my hubs, on the other hand, came from a very different family life. he said that he is so very grateful and blessed to be apart of my family now. :) hugs to you, friend!

  4. What a really beautiful story! And boy...aren't the middle school years awful?! I wouldn't go back there for anything!

  5. Awesome story! Ain't nothing like family and an amazing best friend.

  6. awe this is the sweetest. I had a hard hard childhood and wish I had an auntie deb. But the Lord pulled me through just like he pulled you through and I love how he has blessed both of us. Hopefully our kiddos will have their Auntie "debs" to encourage them when they have hard times


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