Monday, April 30, 2012


may your day look as beautiful as life thru pink sunglasses!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Mornings are always a little brighter...
 with a crazy straw cup for juice


A NEW shirt from Target!!!!

Ahhh, it's the simple things in life.
Enjoy your day my little lambs,

Monday, April 23, 2012

heating pad.

hello all.
i am coming to you,
from the couch.
i am sitting with a heating pad on my lower back, and a yellow lab at my feet.
turns out..
 riding bike (or pushing a bike) up hill,
with a 30+ pound child in a Burley isn't actually good for your back!!!
i have been in pain.
a lot of pain.
walking kinda funny, according to the hubster.
BUT, the good news is.... it's getting better!!!!
heat helps!
so does Aleve,
AND having a friend that works for a Chiropractor and does Massage Therapy!!!
She made a house call las!!!t night, and i am eternally grateful!!!
Pinned Image
perhaps if i walk around in THESE...
my symptoms will lessen!?
SERIOUSLY!! Never seen anything so funny!
{darling sidenote: lastnight i put on one of those heat wraps that stays hot and you wrap around your tummy.... as i am wrapping and embracing the warmth, josie looks at me wierd, furrows her brow and says "Mama, you gotta wear a diaper?" diaper being pronounced "daaaah - per"
rather southern actually....
i laughed!!!!
she laughed!!!!
no. mommy does not gotta wear a daaahhh perrr!
thanks anyways lovey dove!

anyways, on with the show....
today i am loving the sunshine!
green grass!
yummy smelling blooms everywhere!
and the fact that the braids i put in my hair lastnight where still maintained this morning!
i did not have to do my hair,
i managed to slap on some mascara
and now,
i am off to start a nicholas sparks book!
hasta la vista chickadees,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

coffee, tea, coffee, tea or me?

Pinned Image

Speaking of honey,
I had a delicious mug of green tea with honey,
INSTEAD of coffee this morning!
My heart has been RACING after drinking coffee lately,
and making me feel out of breath.
very odd.
So, I am trying a different route for a couple of days to see how I feel.
Thus far,
I am yawning.
My my heart rate is thanking me.
Pinned Image

{found it here}
this makes me think of Adele.
("use my beehive to dry your dishes")
doesn't get much cuter!

Pinned Image
get it??!!!
ahhhh ha ha ha ha!

I love you ALL,
about as much as i love slurping up the honey on the bottom of my mug!
That's a lot of love,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

hello tuesday.

Hi Friends!!!!
Linking up today with Sarah, from Yes, Teacher!
for the always fun Tickle Me Tuesdays...
Come on over and join in!

Here are a few things that are bringing me lots of JOY today:

A beeeee-autiful boquet from the grocery store..
Gerbera Daisies are my FAVORITE!!!

Pinned Image
i love this!!! enough said.

my Birchbox came in the mail yesterday
(cue the choir singing
i love my Birchbox days!
anyways, it had THIS product in it -
love it.
love it.
love it.
** Want to know more about Birchbox - leave a comment and I'll hook you up!


Have a marvelous day!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

like lance armstrong.

Good Sunday morning love bugs!
Pinned Image
---> these color combinations made me SMILE!

~yesterday was magnificent!!!
i can't help but share with you ....
(hope your day was GrrrrrEaT too!)

So, I started out my morning at an Early Childhood garage sale, and scored 3 large bags worth of loot for Miss Thang! 
AND... at one of the tables, there was a mommy holding a BRAND NEW baby boy.. we were both looking for treasures  and I could see she was struggling... holding a new lump of love (with gobs of hair) and trying to find clothes for him, so I did what any normal person would do (or maybe just me) and said, "If you want me to hold him so you can look... I am completely harmless!"
"I do daycare and love babies and know exactly how you feel!  I was just lucky enough to leave my little chickie at home with her dad!"
and wadda ya know... I got to snuggle the little babe so she could shop!
he smelled delicious in all of his new baby glory!
thank you sweet stranger for letting me help you!
After the sale, I went and got a LARGE diet coke on ice at the gas station
 (it's the little things in life I tell you!)
and then made my way to Target... where i hit up a major pillow sale rack!!!!!
all of them are in the camper
- as comfy throw pillows
- to snooze on
- to read on  (i cannot wait for this one!)
Pinned Image
- to be lazy on
I can hardly wait!
After I got home I cleaned the camper within an inch of it's little life and put up some cute decor...
(like I said.. it's the little things in life)
*** pictures of camper coming soon!
our first camping trip is Mother's Day weekend!!!!! 
after rests all around, we loaded up the bikes and burley and headed out to bike!
there is a little town, about 20 miles away that has a state park, trails, a sandy beach, and most importantly a darling drive in eatery!  where you can sit outside and eat delicious food!!!
---> but only after you bike! (at least that's what my husband says)
we biked.
it was 75 degrees and glorious out!
Pinned Image

and I forgot my camera. seriously!
we had SO MUCH FUN!
i pulled josie in the burley, and brian had the dog on a leash and basically didn't even have to pedal... bailey ran like the wind!
we are quite a sight.
today, my legs are like soft, melted butter.
trying to bike UP HILL with a 33 pound darling daughter in a burley is no easy task,
and at one point i yelled,
"UGH!  How does Lance Armstrong do it??"
Lance Armstrong
pretty much had to walk my bike up the hills.
josie was in her burley, with a little clipboard and notebook and pen pretending to be a waitress and asked me about a zillion times "Whatcha want mom?" so i would huff, and puff, and place my order.
for reals.
there will be no Tour De France in my future.
sorry lance.
HOWEVER.. the supper we ate outside was AMAZING!!!!!
seeing bailey swim in a lake for the first time was also pretty priceless!
{this just in: do not throw a stick into the water for dog to fetch, if it's a heavy stick and is bound to sink... the dog will become confused. ** sorry 'bout that bailey!}

I love family days!!!
Don't you?
This afternoon, my mom and step dad are coming over to grill steaks and have an early birthday celebration with me and my loves...
*** yes, I turn 30 on thursday ***

Have a STUPENDOUS day sweet thangs...
Your almost 30 friend.

Friday, April 13, 2012

glasses and allergies.

good morning my loves.
so, here's the dilly-yo:
my allergies are absolutely
positively doing there thang....
causing some sneezing
itchy eyes,
itchy nose,
swollen glands...
you know... all those symptoms and maybe a few more!
lastnight it was so bad i took some benadryl and bid the day farewell!
sneezed my way to bed!
this morning i feel like i may or may not have gravel in my eyes,
so i slapped on my glasses (instead of my contacts - youch!) and it dawned on me....
glasses are cute - fun - different - unique!
(random thought? yes... but don't give up on me yet!)
and there are SOOOO many to choose from...
let's explore:
{oh, and if you wear glasses, ROCK ON SISTER!!!}
and whilst you rock your spec's - you could wear this dress too!

Pinned Image
hi little friend!!!!
you may be the most darling thing EV-AR!!!!
thanks for making me smile this morning!!!
Pinned Image
ohhhh sweet love!
pretty sweet, if you ask me!
did you know that my hubster had lasik surgery????
i'm just not all about lazers and light sabers being shot into my eyes!
sorry dudes.

Pinned Image

** when josie was a wee little lass... she had to go to a pediatric eye doctor, as they had some concerns about her eyeballs... turned out everything is jolly and find :) yay!  but... they did say that she will most likely need glasses by about 2nd grade!
how do they know these things???
that means that this mama will be rocking her glasses too
so i should prolly start shopping for several pairs to mix and match!
Pinned Image
white on white on white!

Happy Friday lovey doves!!!
and have a relaxing, allergy - free weekend!
xx's and oo's
(and my glasses, too!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

big hair batman!!

good morning early birds!
i am on the couch
savoring my chocolate-mint coffee
rocking my new yoga pants
and some very big hair!
i think i slept on it wrong (possible to do that?)
but i am kinda digging it!
so.... of course i checked out "big hair" on pinterest and look what i found:
i may or may not have had coffee coming out of my nose!!
have a "big hair" kinda day sweet friends!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesdays!

Linking up this afternoon with the darling Sarah,
over at Yes, Teacher!

Come on over
and join us in sharing what is
Tickling our Fancy these days...

Here's what I've got...
I came across this this morning on
and it completely made my morning....
if you get a chance, you must look up
Proverbs 31: 26-30

this just in:
i am calling my mother right now and
having her come over to braid my hair!
just. like. this.
{not really, she lives 2 hours away, but
seriously!!! how cute!!!}
i love braids.


Easter recap...

Happy Tuesday to YOU!!!
I forgot my camera when we headed home for Easter,
so I snapped some pictures on my phone to share!
Did you eat enough candy from the Easter bunny?
{I hope so!}

we made cut out cookies at my mama's - and frosted them!

have you ever made these nests?
chowmein noodles?!
who woulda' thought!
they're DELIC!


little bunny foo foo (and her darling daughter!)

even the wooden pig plate gets in on the Easter action!

Miss Thang - reading grandpa's devotional book! hee hee hee
laying beside her -
a new friend from Pottery Barn Kids!
(thanks g'ma!)

my FAVORITE picture from the entire weekend!!!!
gettind ready to dye eggs - tutu style!
(a string of pearls is also a necessity!)

Here's hoping you are having a LOVELY day!
Lots of love,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

thoughts on wednesday...

this just in...

i had a post all ready to go (in my head) and it was going to be titled:
Thoughts On Thursday,
but it isn't Thursday.
It's Wednesday.
I don't care.
Thoughts On Wednesday doesn't roll off the tongue quite as smoothly,
but Wednesday thoughts are pretty important too, dontcha think?
I am doing my post anyways

* I am drinking STRONG-HOT-DEEELICIOUS coffee this morning.
(thought number one is deep, I know.... but hold on tight, it gets better!)

* Have you ever made Cous Cous?  It is light, fluffy, and kind of like rice, but not rice.  My husband refused to try it (tisk tisk) but Miss Thang was eating it like it was going out of style.  I believe her response was "Mmmmmm... it's delicious!"
She's hilarious!!!
p.s. cleaning up Cous Cous is not fun.
p.s.s. it's sticky.

here's a picture of the deliciousness that i made last night ...
(do you LOVE the John Deere plates??)
cous cous, lemon pepper chicken breasts, steamed asparagus

* So, I have this thing about a bright-new door mat...
it makes me smile!
it makes houseguests smile.
and our Shopko has reeeeeaaaalllly cute-seasonal mats
picked up this little beauty yesterday...
those are my feet.

* So, we are creative 'round these parts... and my husband has rigged up a lil thing that helps our driveway not be quite so rocky.... as in, it pushes the rocks into the sand... as in, I have no idea what it's called....
I just take the pictures.
On my phone.
love these two!!!!
Josie saw me trying to take a picture and immediately kicked it into tantrum mode!

* Are you familiar with the RIDICULOUSLY fabulous designs of Vera Bradley???
if not... you must!!!!
Well, over on their site, they created a new term:
Camping + Glamour = Glamping!!!
Oh be still my heart....
this calls to me!
They even have a Pinterest board dedicated to this!!!

The whole thing just puts a HUGE smile on my face!!!!
Thanks for humoring me this happy Wednesday morning and checking out my thoughts!
Lots of love to each of you....
x's and o's...
Maggie, future "Glamping" extraordinaire

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday 10 - Deserted Island Style!

GooD TuesdaY MorninG to all of YOU!
I am super excited to be linking up with
at Mom2MemphisandRuby
for Tuesday 10.
Todays theme:
"10 Things You Would Bring With To A Deserted Island"

So, without furthere ado...
Here's my list:

1. My Husband
(for 2 reasons: he would know what to do and he would keep me company and keep me calm)

2. A cute bathing suit.

3. A shelter of some sort - preferably something with air conditioning.

4. A cute hat that matches my bathing suit.

5. Sunscreen - for my husband.

6. Chips and Salsa - which I could live off of.

7. My cell phone so I could call my bestfriend Beth - she will be babysitting Josie and her husband, Lars, will be babysitting the dog!

8. Some type of a floaty to float around on.

9. Comfortable shoes.

10. Music - a radio perhaps!?

and there you have it!!!
Happy Tuesday Loves!

Monday, April 2, 2012

lil weekend recap...

~Happy Monday Darlings!!!!~
A wonderful weekend was had by all over in our neck of the woods...
Saturday morning, the whole fam loadad up and headed for a road trip home!
Miss Jos rockin her new Columbia fleece from her Auntie Tee Tah!
Bailey Bay snoozed most of the time..
She is an awesome travel dog!

Josie and Bailey got to stay at Grammy's overnight, and me and the Hubster headed west for a wedding about an hour away!
We stayed in a great hotel...
kicked our feet up,
watched a movie,
ate a yummy supper,
soaked up some wedding goodness and got caught up on our zzzz'sss!
suuuuuper excited about my new dress
AND my hair!!!!!!
It's got a little redish tint to it - compliments to the new Salon and Spa in town!
I cannot wait to go back!
love this guy!
Hope your week is off to a great start!
Trying out my sisters running tennishoes tonight that she handed down to me!!!!