Wednesday, April 4, 2012

thoughts on wednesday...

this just in...

i had a post all ready to go (in my head) and it was going to be titled:
Thoughts On Thursday,
but it isn't Thursday.
It's Wednesday.
I don't care.
Thoughts On Wednesday doesn't roll off the tongue quite as smoothly,
but Wednesday thoughts are pretty important too, dontcha think?
I am doing my post anyways

* I am drinking STRONG-HOT-DEEELICIOUS coffee this morning.
(thought number one is deep, I know.... but hold on tight, it gets better!)

* Have you ever made Cous Cous?  It is light, fluffy, and kind of like rice, but not rice.  My husband refused to try it (tisk tisk) but Miss Thang was eating it like it was going out of style.  I believe her response was "Mmmmmm... it's delicious!"
She's hilarious!!!
p.s. cleaning up Cous Cous is not fun.
p.s.s. it's sticky.

here's a picture of the deliciousness that i made last night ...
(do you LOVE the John Deere plates??)
cous cous, lemon pepper chicken breasts, steamed asparagus

* So, I have this thing about a bright-new door mat...
it makes me smile!
it makes houseguests smile.
and our Shopko has reeeeeaaaalllly cute-seasonal mats
picked up this little beauty yesterday...
those are my feet.

* So, we are creative 'round these parts... and my husband has rigged up a lil thing that helps our driveway not be quite so rocky.... as in, it pushes the rocks into the sand... as in, I have no idea what it's called....
I just take the pictures.
On my phone.
love these two!!!!
Josie saw me trying to take a picture and immediately kicked it into tantrum mode!

* Are you familiar with the RIDICULOUSLY fabulous designs of Vera Bradley???
if not... you must!!!!
Well, over on their site, they created a new term:
Camping + Glamour = Glamping!!!
Oh be still my heart....
this calls to me!
They even have a Pinterest board dedicated to this!!!

The whole thing just puts a HUGE smile on my face!!!!
Thanks for humoring me this happy Wednesday morning and checking out my thoughts!
Lots of love to each of you....
x's and o's...
Maggie, future "Glamping" extraordinaire


  1. I tried cous cous for the first time last weekend! It was really good! Not sure I can make it though...

    PS- Should there be pictures with this post? I can only see the glamping one...I really want to see your doormat...

  2. There is a place here in Washington that specializes in Glamping! They basically set up beautiful, rustic hotel rooms in big canvas tents. It's called the Lakedale Resort. You have to look at some of the are the links:

  3. love your thoughts...I too am drinking a HUGE cup of coffee drowned in sweet-n-low...oh how I missed it! :)


  4. Really like your blog!
    A wonderful post!

    Have you got an account in instagram?
    If yes, write me your name!


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