Friday, April 13, 2012

glasses and allergies.

good morning my loves.
so, here's the dilly-yo:
my allergies are absolutely
positively doing there thang....
causing some sneezing
itchy eyes,
itchy nose,
swollen glands...
you know... all those symptoms and maybe a few more!
lastnight it was so bad i took some benadryl and bid the day farewell!
sneezed my way to bed!
this morning i feel like i may or may not have gravel in my eyes,
so i slapped on my glasses (instead of my contacts - youch!) and it dawned on me....
glasses are cute - fun - different - unique!
(random thought? yes... but don't give up on me yet!)
and there are SOOOO many to choose from...
let's explore:
{oh, and if you wear glasses, ROCK ON SISTER!!!}
and whilst you rock your spec's - you could wear this dress too!

Pinned Image
hi little friend!!!!
you may be the most darling thing EV-AR!!!!
thanks for making me smile this morning!!!
Pinned Image
ohhhh sweet love!
pretty sweet, if you ask me!
did you know that my hubster had lasik surgery????
i'm just not all about lazers and light sabers being shot into my eyes!
sorry dudes.

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** when josie was a wee little lass... she had to go to a pediatric eye doctor, as they had some concerns about her eyeballs... turned out everything is jolly and find :) yay!  but... they did say that she will most likely need glasses by about 2nd grade!
how do they know these things???
that means that this mama will be rocking her glasses too
so i should prolly start shopping for several pairs to mix and match!
Pinned Image
white on white on white!

Happy Friday lovey doves!!!
and have a relaxing, allergy - free weekend!
xx's and oo's
(and my glasses, too!)


  1. kissy faces right back atcha~viva la friday!!!!!! these pictures were all SO great!

  2. I love your glasses!! I have a pair and they are so cute but the prescription isn't strong enough so I never wear them. Maybe I'll start rocking the glasses too. I really hope you are feeling better with those darn allergies!!

  3. I love your glasses so cute. I need new ones mine are old, and I don't seen 20/20 in them so girl needs new ones.
    The cat pic is so cute too.
    Wedding up date: nada, I think I found earrings, I'll email them to you to see what you think.
    Happy weekend pretty!!


  4. I love the glasses {I did what your hubby did though, hubby pleaded with me.} AND your puckered pout.
    MWAH♥ right back at ya, lovey!

  5. Your ADORABLE! Ha :-)
    and you and Josie as the glasses twins... I don't think the world can handle that much cuteness ;-)


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