Monday, April 23, 2012

heating pad.

hello all.
i am coming to you,
from the couch.
i am sitting with a heating pad on my lower back, and a yellow lab at my feet.
turns out..
 riding bike (or pushing a bike) up hill,
with a 30+ pound child in a Burley isn't actually good for your back!!!
i have been in pain.
a lot of pain.
walking kinda funny, according to the hubster.
BUT, the good news is.... it's getting better!!!!
heat helps!
so does Aleve,
AND having a friend that works for a Chiropractor and does Massage Therapy!!!
She made a house call las!!!t night, and i am eternally grateful!!!
Pinned Image
perhaps if i walk around in THESE...
my symptoms will lessen!?
SERIOUSLY!! Never seen anything so funny!
{darling sidenote: lastnight i put on one of those heat wraps that stays hot and you wrap around your tummy.... as i am wrapping and embracing the warmth, josie looks at me wierd, furrows her brow and says "Mama, you gotta wear a diaper?" diaper being pronounced "daaaah - per"
rather southern actually....
i laughed!!!!
she laughed!!!!
no. mommy does not gotta wear a daaahhh perrr!
thanks anyways lovey dove!

anyways, on with the show....
today i am loving the sunshine!
green grass!
yummy smelling blooms everywhere!
and the fact that the braids i put in my hair lastnight where still maintained this morning!
i did not have to do my hair,
i managed to slap on some mascara
and now,
i am off to start a nicholas sparks book!
hasta la vista chickadees,


  1. first, this post made me laugh but at the same time I am SO sorry about your back. I hope you feel better asap! Those shoes, your heating pad and your daughter- too funny!
    Enjoy some rest and your book!

  2. Dear Mamasita's Back,
    Please get better soon. You're going to make her think that turning the big 3-0 isn't good! So stop it...just stop it!
    Thank you,

  3. Too funny, but hope you're feeling better! I have been enjoy a heating pad too recently with my leg hurting from running. It is amazing what a little heat can do!

  4. Aghh! Back and neck pain are the worst...I'm still recovering from my pinched nerve and it was excruciating! I feel for you!

    P.S. That picture is hilarious and ridiculous! HA!

  5. awww poor thing! hope you get better soon :)

    For the longest time I swear Jude had a British...accent, go figure?


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