Sunday, April 15, 2012

like lance armstrong.

Good Sunday morning love bugs!
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---> these color combinations made me SMILE!

~yesterday was magnificent!!!
i can't help but share with you ....
(hope your day was GrrrrrEaT too!)

So, I started out my morning at an Early Childhood garage sale, and scored 3 large bags worth of loot for Miss Thang! 
AND... at one of the tables, there was a mommy holding a BRAND NEW baby boy.. we were both looking for treasures  and I could see she was struggling... holding a new lump of love (with gobs of hair) and trying to find clothes for him, so I did what any normal person would do (or maybe just me) and said, "If you want me to hold him so you can look... I am completely harmless!"
"I do daycare and love babies and know exactly how you feel!  I was just lucky enough to leave my little chickie at home with her dad!"
and wadda ya know... I got to snuggle the little babe so she could shop!
he smelled delicious in all of his new baby glory!
thank you sweet stranger for letting me help you!
After the sale, I went and got a LARGE diet coke on ice at the gas station
 (it's the little things in life I tell you!)
and then made my way to Target... where i hit up a major pillow sale rack!!!!!
all of them are in the camper
- as comfy throw pillows
- to snooze on
- to read on  (i cannot wait for this one!)
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- to be lazy on
I can hardly wait!
After I got home I cleaned the camper within an inch of it's little life and put up some cute decor...
(like I said.. it's the little things in life)
*** pictures of camper coming soon!
our first camping trip is Mother's Day weekend!!!!! 
after rests all around, we loaded up the bikes and burley and headed out to bike!
there is a little town, about 20 miles away that has a state park, trails, a sandy beach, and most importantly a darling drive in eatery!  where you can sit outside and eat delicious food!!!
---> but only after you bike! (at least that's what my husband says)
we biked.
it was 75 degrees and glorious out!
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and I forgot my camera. seriously!
we had SO MUCH FUN!
i pulled josie in the burley, and brian had the dog on a leash and basically didn't even have to pedal... bailey ran like the wind!
we are quite a sight.
today, my legs are like soft, melted butter.
trying to bike UP HILL with a 33 pound darling daughter in a burley is no easy task,
and at one point i yelled,
"UGH!  How does Lance Armstrong do it??"
Lance Armstrong
pretty much had to walk my bike up the hills.
josie was in her burley, with a little clipboard and notebook and pen pretending to be a waitress and asked me about a zillion times "Whatcha want mom?" so i would huff, and puff, and place my order.
for reals.
there will be no Tour De France in my future.
sorry lance.
HOWEVER.. the supper we ate outside was AMAZING!!!!!
seeing bailey swim in a lake for the first time was also pretty priceless!
{this just in: do not throw a stick into the water for dog to fetch, if it's a heavy stick and is bound to sink... the dog will become confused. ** sorry 'bout that bailey!}

I love family days!!!
Don't you?
This afternoon, my mom and step dad are coming over to grill steaks and have an early birthday celebration with me and my loves...
*** yes, I turn 30 on thursday ***

Have a STUPENDOUS day sweet thangs...
Your almost 30 friend.


  1. Awe I can't believe you got to hold a newborn baby boy! Even the description of him puts baby fever in my heart ;-)

    YAY you for biking so much!!! I have to get mine out but unfotn I have some rust on some of it :-(

    Cant wait to see the pictures of your camper!

  2. i quite loved this post. (and you don't look a day over 24). seriously! you rock those yoga pants!!!

  3. Did I hear you say birthday?!

  4. You are adorable. You make me smile. I can just picture that little baby <3

    Happy Monday!

  5. you day sound perfect! Especially the large diet soda and target shopping :) Almost 30...huh?...I am not far behind you :)


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