Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday 10 - Deserted Island Style!

GooD TuesdaY MorninG to all of YOU!
I am super excited to be linking up with
at Mom2MemphisandRuby
for Tuesday 10.
Todays theme:
"10 Things You Would Bring With To A Deserted Island"

So, without furthere ado...
Here's my list:

1. My Husband
(for 2 reasons: he would know what to do and he would keep me company and keep me calm)

2. A cute bathing suit.

3. A shelter of some sort - preferably something with air conditioning.

4. A cute hat that matches my bathing suit.

5. Sunscreen - for my husband.

6. Chips and Salsa - which I could live off of.

7. My cell phone so I could call my bestfriend Beth - she will be babysitting Josie and her husband, Lars, will be babysitting the dog!

8. Some type of a floaty to float around on.

9. Comfortable shoes.

10. Music - a radio perhaps!?

and there you have it!!!
Happy Tuesday Loves!


  1. I love it! Except I'd need chocolate. And coffee.

  2. VERY good list!!
    Thank you so much for linking up! ♥

  3. I brought Music too! How are we expected to live without it? :)


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