Sunday, January 29, 2012

Consignment Store & SPIRIT!

---> Sunday afternoon has arrived...
this is the time of day that I always feel like re-capping my weekend,
making a yummy/warm meal for supper,
and going to bed early so I can start out Monday on a fresh note!
**Yesterday I set out on a mission... and I had success!!!**
I went to a FABULOUS consignment shop, and was SUPER excited when I found this top:
hello bathroom mirror/cell phone shot...
I spy with my little eye, Miss Thang's blonde locks coming to see what mommy is doing!

I LOVE the buttons and satin ribbon that ties in back!!!

P.S. The tag on the shirt was this:

"wear it. declare it."

that's pretty much genius and darling and had me at hello!

why... hello there darling daughter!!!

her latest and greatest saying is entering a room, coming up to you and saying ..

"Hi Mama. What are you doing here?"


I am trying to teach her to change it to ... "Whatchu talkin 'bout Willis?!" but she just furrows her brown, wrinkles her nose, whips her hair and walks away....

D to the R to the A to the M to the A

Drama Queen!

This just in:

- our warm meal for the evening will be Hamburgers on the grill and yummy, crispy, seasoned french fries! Not quite the homemade pot roast I was going for... but delicious!

- I just went and saw "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" ....

it was intense.




and by the time it was over i had hardly touched my popcorn. unheard of!

~ Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I told you that I was going to sing in church? Well, I did, I loved every minute of it (after I swallowed my fear and closed my eyes)... people were incredibly nice and complementary.... but the comment that has made me feel so special, you could say, is what I was told today....

after church an elderly woman approached me and said that "she felt my spirit" when I sang.

it gave me goosebumps...

and made all of the nervousness that i felt, completely worth it!!!

if one person can feel it... then it's worth it!

I sang Natalie Grant's "Your Great Name" and it is a powerful song, with a powerful message, and i felt so much love from this woman!!!

I can't wait to sing again during Lent!


Happy Evening Friends,

Much love,



  1. cute top, friend! i love consignment stores...they are awesome! :)

    so glad that enjoyed your singing debut! ;)

    hugs and love!


  2. Oh I wish I could have heard you sing!!!!
    LOVE the top!
    Dinner sounds super yummy
    and seriously I would LAUGH TIL I CRIED if you got Josie to say "Whatchu talkin 'bout Willis?

  3. You look AWESOME in that adorable top! Love it!! Glad the singing went well--that has to be the best compliment, ever! I loved "Extremely Close" when I read it. I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to see the movie. That picture of your girlie-girl is so cute. How do you not just spend all day kissing those cheeks?

  4. Oh my goodness, I love that top! It looks great on you!

    My brother is a worship pastor, and I got to hear him sing AND preach today and it was such a blessing. I love how music has the ability to bless those who hear it. It's pretty awesome!

  5. Oh my gosh you look adorable!

    I hope your daughter learns how to say that, haha! It would be too much!

  6. that is one amazing shirt find!!! I always wanted the talent to sing,but God decided not to bless me in that area! LOVE listening to people sing for God!

  7. cute outfit! I adore little drama queens :) and you couldn't pay me to sing husband leads worship so music is huge in our house :)

  8. Oh what a great find! Love the warm brown top. And I hope you keep singing! I so wish I could carry a tune. I'm glad you had such a wonderful experience singing in church!

  9. Love the top!! what a fab find! oh, I would love to hear you sing!! what a wonderful gift!! Your spirit shines through girl!!

  10. Oh, that top is DARLING. I want it, please and thank you. Rock on for singing in church!!! YAY!!!


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