Saturday, January 28, 2012

A winner & today's agenda....

Good Morning sweet friends!!
Thank you ALL for entering the GIVEAWAY ...
The winner of was......
drum roll pleeeeaaaassseeee..........
way to go girl!!!
I will e-mail you and get your information so you can sport your new earrings ASAP!!!
Today's agenda:
** begin the day with a delicious chocolate covered doughnut WITH sprinkles! **
after that...
reeeeelaxing on the couch...
which is now the home to half of josie's bedroom!
{girlfriend loves to bring stuff ot the living room!}
and then...
hitting up a consignment shop I discovered a few towns over
a thrift store too!
Details coming this evening!! Tune in!
oh, also picking up a new book that just arrived, for yours truly, at the library!
right now...
a hot bath, and perhaps some new toenail polish is calling my name!
Whatever you do today ... ENJOY!
much love,


  1. Oh I definitely want a donut

  2. Sounds lovely! And hey, I was supposed to win. ;)

  3. Yahoo!! I'm so excited about winning those *fabulous* earrings! Thanks, Maggie-girl and thanks to Ms. Beth, too! (I am totally doing a happy dance over here!). XO

  4. What a great day you have ahead of you! And what a perfect way to start it off :-D

    I love going to thrift stores can't wait to see/hear about what you get!


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