Saturday, January 21, 2012

wake me up before you go go ...

{sidenote: this chick LOVES her summer hats ... but only in the Winter! i mean, come on... who doesn't like to rock a funky summer hat on a -8 degree day!?}
good morning darling friends ....
this just in:
- the gauze is off of miss thang's hand (praise Jesus!) and was replaced with 2 sturdy bandaids.
- she refers to the umbrella on her shirt as a "Bell Ella" {cracks me UP!}
- when you ask her if she wants milk or water in her sippy cup... she taps her chin with her pointer finger (like a rockstar detective) and say's "juice!" i say "no juice right now... milk or water?" and she says "Hmmmmm... milk or water? (pause) JUICE!"
can we say persistant? yes. we. can.
can we say here's some milk? yes. we.can.


  1. For whatever reason, N HATES juice! I don't know whether to be weirded out by that or just thankful. She's a milk and water girl all the way.

    Miss Thang is adorable in that hat. ;)

  2. She is seriously too cute. I love when you post how she says things. It is my fav. <3

  3. Seriously adorable. I love when you post how she says things <3 it's my fav


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