Wednesday, January 4, 2012

sound of music and circus acts....

this just in:

last night... LATE last night, i woke up wide awake with the song from sound of music in my head.... you know, the one "doe a deer a female deer, ray a drop of golden sun..." my foot was tapping, my brain was singing and my husband was breathing like darth vader....


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*** one of my new years resolutions is to keep calm, and E*M*B*R*A*C*E life....
no matter the chaos, hecticness (is that a word? sounds good to me!), i need to remember to stay in the day and think positive!
most days, life around here is a complete.......
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... but it's a GOOD circus!!!! i like to think of myself as one of those circus acts that rides around standing up on a huge horse - galloping around the ring in a fabulous glittery outfit of some sort!!!
that's me!
in all my glory!!!
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~we are going to spend what will probably be our last overnight in my parents home a couple hours north this weekend... it is on the market... i feel a little melancholy about it - my sweet hubby and i had our wedding reception in this home and lived there for several months after josie was born, when brian worked on the pipeline....
i want to go there and soak up every second of it... it is on the north shore, and so serene.
i will be sure to take pictures :)
~ i have to say a HUGE thank you to Denielle over at Molipop.. she hooked me up with....
wait for it......
My. Very. Own. BLOG BUTTON!!!!!!
(cue me doing a little jump and squealing with delight!)
Check it out on my sidebar and snag one if you would like to!!!!
i would be DEEEEEEEEEE-LIGHTED if you would!
ALSO... Miss Denielle has an INCREDIBLE Etsy shop you must check out..
Go HERE and swoon!
i got a pair of baby booties from her (lime green corduroy! so to die for!) for my nephew AND a coin purse (same green corduroy) and they were FABULOUS! :)
~ pretty sure that's all i've got for you!
i'm off to the circus :)


  1. hah I wake up with songs in my head to in the middle of the night! makes me so mad! love the button!!

  2. Yay for your blog button! I am putting it on my blog as I type!!!

    I feel like my life is a circus sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

    Happy New Year, love <3

  3. That would make you....the RING MASTER!!! Love it!! I think you need a top hat and one of those funky shirts that roll down like a bib and a snazzy bow tie...just to sport around the house...I mean circus!!! Have a happy day out there!


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