Saturday, January 14, 2012

dear spring... you do realize it's January, don't you?

so, we've had unSeasonably w*a*r*m weather 'round these parts, and little miss has had the chance to enjoy her sandbox before it is covered in massive amounts of snow for the winter!
i couldn't resist snapping a few pic's of her doing her thang...
check out the owl (aka "hoo hoo" ) hat she's rockin! (thank you SaRa - you da best!)
{sidenote: i absolutely love when she "squats" and plays for long amounts of time!!! i don't know how girlfriend does it.... it makes my legs throb thinking about it! and then i feel a little elderly...}
happy weekend y'all.


  1. She is so cute! It's back to reality in our neck of the woods :( It's freezing and we've had little snow flurries the last several days. C'est La Vie.

  2. She's adorable! I especially love that 'hooo hooo' picture.
    It's been unusually warm in Northern British Columbia too. Where is your neck of the woods?

  3. So adorable <3
    was super super warm around here for a few days and not its FREEZING! I heard we are going back to the 50s on Monday :-)
    love my warm winters

  4. heck I dread bending down these days let alone I am loving the warmer days...60 tomorrow...27 on Monday...I guess it really is true if you don't like the weather wait a day:)

  5. just came across your blog and I LOVE everything about it!!! Totally following a non creeper way!

  6. I know...I keep waiting for the snow and it hasn't come yet. Your girl is precious. Keep enjoying the outside time. I'm sure it won't be long before we're missing being outside.

  7. your baby girl is seriously adorable! I feel the SAME way about winter...I miss it. We had a dusting of snow first of December...then nothing. I love spring and all...but I miss watching the kids tramping around in the snow, sledding, sipping hot cocoa. COME ON SNOW...WHERE ARE YA???????

  8. Maggie Mae, let's do a give away...I'll donate the item! what do you want? jewelry? : )

  9. Enjoy the warm weather! It's freezing here...I'm jealous!


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