Friday, January 20, 2012

good night nurse.

hello friday...
where have you been all my life!!?
we have had quite the past 24 hours here on the homestead...this mama woke up yesterday feeling nast-ay... so it was off to the dr.
cue: sinus infection and left lung bacterial infection...
What. The. Heck is that about!?
hello antibiotics, lots of water and rest!
***i am singing in church on sunday... with or without a runny nose,
continuous sneezing
and some coughing
... pretty sure there are no scouts coming from american idol...***
let's hope!:)
then it was josie's turn to have a visit with the doctor...she pinched her finger in a boat seat at gander mountain,a lot of blood and crying was involved,a frantic mommy drove like a maniac to the ER,an x-ray showed NO broken finger (whoo hooo)but they had to glue the incision - steri strip it - and wrap her entire hand in gauze.
the gauze has come off about 5 times today...
miss thang is not all about the white gauze messing with her peace!
and i'm sure she will LOVE the bread bag around her hand for bathtime!
other than these little incidents we are fine and dandy!
it is snowing, as we speak (it's about time)AND the weekend is right around the corner!
Yippy Skippy!!!
~I hope you all have a marvelous day~
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  1. You seem to take these "little incidents" in your stride and keep smiling! I love that :) Happy weekend, friend.

  2. You sing too?!?!?!? Aren't you just a ball of talent, deary <3

    LOOK(!!) it is letting me leave you a comment, FINALLY <3

  3. Oh darlin' I hope you feel better!! and your little one...poor baby!! I feel bad for you both!! Rest up and feel better!

  4. Ouch...sorry about your girl's finger. I can't tell you how many times we have been to the ER for our 3 boys. : ) I'm glad it is not broken.

  5. oh stink!!! so sorry friend you had such a bad day! definitely pray for you! have a better weekend! ;)

    hugs and love,

  6. I hope you have a restful NON-eventful weekend :D

  7. So sorry to hear about missy-ma'am's finger, and your sinus infection. Sick mama = no fun. Enjoy the sun and sing pretty! XO

  8. awe I am so sorry your sick...but I LOVE your attitude about it! You make me laugh out loud!

    I hope Josies hand feels better. You all had a tough morning. I hope that you really did have that starbucks! Its well deserved

  9. I feel so bad for little Josie K.! Did she mastermind taking off the bandage for good? What a buster!! haha
    As usual your post made me smile...even when you were having one of "those mornings" that lasted all day! Hugs, xo b.

  10. I agree with Suki - you have such a great attitude!


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