Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Kardashian's store & one last stay...

now... if that post title didn't grab your socks... I dunno what would!
hello! and good morning to each of you!
my dear, dear mama is here this week with me, hanging out, helping me organize,
praise the Lord
we are having so much fun! and tonight are heading to Michael's and Green Mill for supper!
the hubster, and grandpa are in California - road tripping!
i gave my husband SPECIFIC directions to find the "Dash" store (in Calabasas, where they are staying) buy me something small, and track down any of the Kardashian's :) and tell them hello from me!
i can't help but watch their show on t.v. - kind of addicting, but not really! makes me laugh for the most part - and annoys my husband A LOT!
well... the dude is pretty much THE BOMB... found the store, and had my dad take his picture!
"Dash" was closed :(
but the photo op was PERF!
perhaps they will have brunch this morning and stop by to do a little shopping
<3 love this handsome man! seriously!
ok... now, on with more important business....
this past weekend, we headed to Duluth, MN to stay at my parents home on Lake Superior - probably our last getaway up there since the house is on the market....
i had my camera on my neck the whole wknd and snapped some pic's...
just. for. you!
** one of our favorite things to look for on the North Shore...
heart shaped rocks...
this is my mama's collection! **
... my favorite little corner in the living room where we have had many little fires going.
jos and i spent a long time waiting for "big ships" (barges) Saturday morning!
girlfriend rocks the binoculars backwards....
that's how we roll (apparently!) tee hee hee :)

lo and behold - WE SAW A SHIP!!!!!

life on the North Shore is SUPERIOR (get it?!)

"we DID IT mama!!!"

It was a peaceful weekend and my mom sent Brian and I out for supper Saturday evening for an early 4 year wedding anniversary surprise (actual anniv on the 12th)... we were married in Duluth on an amazing January day!!!!! It is such a serene place, and I have wonderful memories...

Be Blessed TODAY sweet friends...



  1. Ha...the Kardashians are a train wreck that I can't tear myself away from LOL! I generally watch and shake my head at them ha! Oh, the rock collection and your miss armed with binoculars is awesome. That is all. Good day.

  2. ha I would totally have my husband visit the Dash store for me :-)

    love the heart shaped rocks, my husbands aunt has a home in MN right on that same lake! We are supposed to visit this summer and I can't wait. Hopefully we can also find heart shaped rocks :-)

  3. Jess, be sure to scratch around in the sand on Lake Superior and look for sea glass too. We always find some when I'm with Maggie and it's as good as heart shaped rocks, if not better! xo

  4. Oh my goodness. The picture of your husband at the store is too adorable. The heart shaped rocks...and that daughter of yours. I can't even take it. All of the above are too cute for words.

    You are blessed <3


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