Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday is HERE!

to you sweet chick-a-dee dee deee's!
I am linking up with Sarah, over at Yes, Teacher today for.......

Come and join us and share what's tickling your fancy these days!


i snapped this picture on saturday, at the zoo!

we were in front of the bobcat den and josie was saying "come here kitty, kitty" and making a kissing sound - smacking her lips


girlfriend melts my heart!!!!

Owl Love You Forever - Hand Stamped Copper Necklace

you must, must, must go over to jessicaNdesigns on etsy

and check out her hand stamped items!!!

i purchased this "Owl Love You Forever" necklace, and it has a J charm on it!!!

it is to die for - Miss Thang LOOOOVES owls (aka Hoo Hoo's)

Orange and pale blue gold earrings - orange blue - orange carnelian earrings - shimmery dangle earrings

aren't these colors YUMMY together???!!!

and quite possibly perfect for a Spring wedding we are attending late March?!


** these are from one of my FAVORITE etsy shops as well...

go over to OliveYewJewels on etsy and check her out!!!

Fabulous Vintage Metallic Gold 1950s/1960s Cat-Eye Frames

loving these vintage sunglasses!!!

they remind me of something straight out of the movie

"The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood"

~ love ~


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** i started the Couch to 5K workout on Sunday and it rocked!

the 20 minutes went waaaay faster than i had anticipated AND i pushed josie in the jogger stroller... she kept me smiling - and we listened to her dora the explorer radio - gotta love that, right!?

for more info on the Couch to 5K click HERE!

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last but not least..

there is NOTHING that tickles my fancy like a YARD SALE!

for. serious. people.

they should be starting here soon, and this mama is READY FOR ACTION!

i have to grab all of the quarters from the hubsters "change jar!"(don't tell him) asap because you just never know when you'll come upon a TREASURE!

oooooooo.. i can hardly WAIT!



Thanks for stopping by today lovies!!!

sorry it's been an entire week since i have blogged


we have had 80 degree weather here, and i am in my element!


but promise not to neglect you!

i will come and visit YOU now!

lots of love and sunshine being sent your way,



  1. Jose is SO cute! Also, loving the flowers in your background. They made me smile today. :) Don't you just LOVE Jessica's designs? I have a few things from her. :) Have a happy day, friend!

  2. Oh my goodness! That picture of Josie calling over the bobcat (seriously...your girl has a little danger in her!) is priceless!

  3. Good for your on the couch to 5k!!! And I absolutely LOVE the colors in those earrings ;)

  4. Hey Girlie! Soo glad you're back -- I was seriously starting to worry that something was wrong. Love the picture of your sweet little one. So fearless--love it!


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