Sunday, March 4, 2012

sugar cubes.

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Good Morning dearhearts...
is the sun shining bright where you live?
we woke up to blue skies this morning -
and that puts a SMILE on this mama's face
when you were little, did you go to Sunday School?
our church started at 8 AM
when i was a youngen,
and Sunday School was afterwards.
here's what i remember:
- immediately after church... i would run down to where they were serving coffee and cookies and grab a handful of sugar cubes!!!
for reals.
no cookies.
no coffee.
just a handful of cubes!
i am weird now - i was weird then.
-after sucking down my cubes i would head to whichever area my class met at.
-my favorite thing to do was crafts, coloring, games and singing!
-my aunt taught all of us chickadees music that we would eventually sing in church for our families - and who doesn't love an altar full of young little lambs singing their hearts out!?
-i guarantee you i was that child up in front waving to her mom and dad, shouting out "hi mom!" and yanking on her tights that were falling down - OR, most likely the little that had to pee super bad and didn't go before singing, so she's holding herself and crossing her legs so she doesn't piddle on the sanctuary!
i dare you to find that child in church today!
sending lots of love and laughter your way today!!!
p.s. I wrote THIS bathroom saga story when i first started blogging
-another sweet church memory!


  1. Completely funny! Gosh, I hated wearing tights when I was little, especially the ones that were like sweaters for your legs. They never stayed up! : ) Have a fabulous day, my dear!


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