Thursday, March 1, 2012

a carrot nose.

meet snowy!
i made him, and then had help "decorating" him!
this just in: if you would like an unbelieveable workout...
make a snowman!
i am feeling the burn - and feeling that little voice in my head saying,
"Wow girlfriend, you are in horrible shape! It's called exercise! You should try it!"
to which i respond... Maybe tomorrow!
now, excuse me while i go drink my diet coke
---> and dig for the hidden box of Girl Scout cookies!
happy "snowy" day to you - wherever you are!


  1. That is one cute snowman! I'm jealous of your snow but enjoying our 65 degrees and sunshine. ;)

  2. lucky, lucky duck! a snowman!! around these parts, the snow has been scarce and when it does snow it doesn't last long enough to even build a snowball! enjoy the fluffy stuff!!

  3. Okay. That is one cute snowman! Totally worth the workout! : )

  4. LOVED this snowman :) And it made Alea so happy to see "Frosty" You are just the cutest my dear. This summer we're gonna kick our butts in gear! But until then I'll be sitting right next to you sipping my diet mountain dew and sneaking a couple of your girl scout cookies!

  5. ummm I need a box of hidden girl scout cookies!?! Playing in the snow is really hard work!!! My husband is a big kids and builds snow forts people can stand in...I secretly think he does it for the work out :)


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