Friday, March 9, 2012

this week.

not gonna lie.
this week seemed to move kind of slowly.
it was actually nice, because i felt like i could breathe...
enjoy a meal with my family.
no hustle and bustle.
just nice.
** i sure do love a friday tho!**
here's a couple pic's i snapped on my phone this week:
a perfect green - playdoh - shamrock!
(if i do say so myself!)
my husband was gone (fishing) for about 3 hours and the dog was not happy!
we have until Monday without papa...
Sorry Bailey!

josie's "Wahoo" (the pink, rubber, bouncy dog)
rocking a Buff headband, compliments of Miss Thang!
--> have a TERRIFIC weekend y'all!!!!! <--


  1. that is a pretty perfect shamrock, girly:) have a wonderful Friday and weekend as well♥

  2. That is a perfect shamrock-you can def boast!

  3. That is a perfect shamrock-you can def boast!

  4. The wahoo is adorable! Is it as big as Josie? Also I thought that Shamrock was a lucky charm (the cereal) :-)

    So happy you had a good restful week

  5. I hope you guys have a great weekend. Our dog, Molly, HATES it when Erik is gone. It's kind of sad, but it kind of makes me feel like chopped liver! : )


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