Monday, March 5, 2012

some things.

Well, hello there!
How was your weekend?
Ours was very nice.... we ate yummy grilled steaks on Saturday night,
and it reminded me of Summer!
The only thing missing was corn on the cob and the sound of crickets!
chirp chirp
On a completely different note,
here are some things that I currently cannot live without

and they are oh so gentle on miss thangs precious little nose!

ohhhhh this is yummy!

i love a good shampoo/conditioner as much as i love a good mug of coffee,

and this is FABULOUS!

i love the rosemary smell


Dear Burt,

you are just plain awesome!!!

i love ya man!

just picked up this blazer at Old Navy!!!

i looooove the bittersweet color!

and... it's linen - perfect for Spring and Summer -

or a cold winter Sunday (aka: Yesterday!)


ok... so this DARLING red coffee maker isn't exactly MINE, YET!!!

but it is on my birthday list!

** April 19th **

somebody tell my husband!

Have a SPLENDID day....

and remember:




  1. That shampoo and conditioner IS the bomb-diggity! You know how I know? (lol) it's in my bathroom:)
    boogie wipes? why didn't they have that when my littles were, well...little?:)

  2. That blazer is awesome! I kind of want to steal it! : ) And I'm totally going to try that shampoo.

  3. Boogie Wipes ROCK. We are currently using them in our house. Also? That blazer is gorgeous!

  4. ohh, love the blazer!! Burts Bees is the bomb! and thank you for the sweet comment!!

  5. I totally bought that blazer as well! I love it so much :)


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