Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the best EVER!!!

This morning I cried. A lot!

Not a bad, sad cry... but a happy, joyful, grateful, morning of my birthday cry!

It was good. I promise!

Today is the day! I am 29 years old and feeling beyond blessed!

My husband has gone out of his way to make this birthday the BEST EVER and I feel so incredibly lucky and honored to be his wifey!!!

(Last Summer - post kayak date!)

Part of my morning cry also includes my precious Mama!!!

She had given me a birthday present and card and instructions to NOT OPEN UNTIL APRIL 19th! She even called yesterday and said "You opened it didn't you?!" And I, innocent as can be said "NO!" Even though it was extremely difficult to have it sitting. watching my every move. waiting. to be opened! (I was the child who knew what every present was for Christmas because I had snooped! Dug! Pre-opened all of them!)

So, I open the gift and my eyes welled with tears as she had sent me a BEAUTIFUL cross necklace with a silver - engraved disc reading "Blessed" behind it.... and on the back:



Thinking about how very special I felt opening this gift made me sob!

My mama is one in a million! Without her I wouldn't be the person I am today. We have seen each other through thick and thin, the good, bad and ugly and I love her more than words!

I hope that today you feel special and loved too.... Off to celebrate!!!


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