Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tea on Tuesday...

Hey Y'all,

~Today I am linking up with my sweet friend Christi at Grey Umbrella.... Head on over to her place, you are going to love it! She's the best!~

~So, for our chat over tea.... I am going to drink Green Tea with a squirt of lemon and dollop of honey... how about you?~

~Back to the chat.... I am super excited to tell you that my sweet Josie had her 1st major haircut yesterday - at an actual salon - with a sucker - screaming - kicking - and smirking in the mirror...~

~It started out a bit scary for all of us as she was NOT taking part in any of the to do's I had planned! Her hair is CRAZY and needs to be trimmed (heavily) especially since any accessory that goes in her hair comes out and ends up in her mouth! Eeek! I want to see her baby blues and so does the rest of the world... so this mama was willing to do whatever it takes. Ultimately that meant having her sit on my lap, letting her play with my car keys, and continuing to point out the very large jar of suckers for "good customers!" Tee hee heee... she was a champ!~

~TA DA!!!!!!!!~
~It turned out DARLING!!!~
{She looks so much like me at that age it's kinda creepy!!!}

~I LOVE THIS GIRL!! We had an extra special mommy/Josie day and even squeezed in a nap! (ALLELUIA it felt great!)~

--->Right about now is when you and I would notcie my dog, Harley, freaking out on the deck - pacing, whimpering, licking his fur... I would tell you "Hey had to have his tick/flea/mosquito medicine and would like to lay down and have a massive tantrum! Toddler style!"

(He HATES the stuff and it makes him super nervous - doesn't hurt him - just makes him want to crawl out of his skin! Poor pup!<---

~Have a Stupendous day my friend!~


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