Wednesday, April 6, 2011



~I am having a really good hair day!

(In my world that makes for a happy mama!)

~Playgroup was outside.

With another (AWESOME) mother.

On the playground.

In the sun.

With coffee in hand.

It was BLISS - 'nough said!

~I was notified (yesterday) that my dress from Shabby Apple that I won HERE is on it's way to my house! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! :-)

~The (STANKY!!!) dog has been bathed.


And is drying out in the sun on the deck.

(It is amazing what one can get done during nap time!)

~My daughters all-time favorite Dora shoes have been scrubbed free of dog poop (gag me!) and are also drying out in the sun!

(Your welcome Josie!)

~The LARGE iced mocha that I had at 11:00 AM was delic!!!

(And probably is the reason why the dog is cleaned and so are the Dora shoes

***Hello, caffeine? It's Maggie! I LOVE YOU!)

What are you doing today?

Getting any Spring cleaning accomplished?

Ta Ta for now...



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