Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Saddle Up - It's COFFEE TIME!

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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So, if we were sitting having coffee I would first tell you how much I love this picture of the goose floating in the coffee! :-) The colors make me happy! And so does Mister Goose!

Then I would tell you HAPPY SPRING!

I had the kids outside this morning for an hour of pure bliss!!!

We went for a walk, colored with sidewalk chalk, played catch, played a little soccer...

~OH it was GLORIOUS!~

-What have you been doing today? (Need a refill on your java?)-

I would go on to tell you that my daughter sees no need to have a baby swing anymore - she is all about the "big kid" swings! Even if that does mean mama needs to get her on and off of it because otherwise shrills of terror come out of her mouth!

(Kinda wonder what the neighbors think of Miss Thang!?!? Sorry folks! She's all TODDLER!)

I hope each of you has a super-great Tuesday!

Thanks for stopping by,

Maggie :-)

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