Thursday, April 7, 2011

some confessions for you.

~Hey'all (OK... I am not southern, but my grandma was BIG TIME and so all of us granddaughters would walk in and say "Hey y'all!" to her! AND I am named after Maggie Valley, North Carolina... so I kind of feel ok about saying it...

ANYWAYS, {wow! what a tangent} here are some confessions for you to feast on! Enjoy!

~I really love it when people have special license plates made - personalized ones, ya know? They crack me up - and I love to guess what the mystery {if there is one} behind it is. What would yours be??? Me? I think I would have mine say BUSTER'S MOM {is that too long?}

~I have started several knitting projects over the Winter - and haven't finished any of them. SERIOUSLY! What's my prob?

~I love Ziploc bags {especially gallon sized} and would store everything in them if I could - especially the ones where you can write what the "Contents" are... {please don't laugh at me! I know I am a freak!}

~One time, when I was a little girl, a HUGE black lab "KUJO!" chased me down - barking - snarling - ready to infect me with his rabies {just a guess} and I biked as fast as I could, then ditched the bike and ran into my neighbors house {completely just let myself in - no knock, no doorbell, no hi how are ya? NADA} and about plowed over my neighbor boys (Nathan, actually, from the rifle girl story) dad... Slammed the door shut and sobbed! His dad made sure I had the all clear and I ran home! The saddest part? The "play" keys I had used in my handle bars (like they where in an ignition) VANISHED! Never saw them again! I think the dog ate them! Sweet Nathan did track down my Huffy though, and walked it home to me! God Bless him! Hope everyone is having a grand Thursday! I took the kids to the park this morning - we have been having almost 60 degree weather and it feels A-MAZING! Ready for a fun, relaxing, outdoor-filled weekend! We are trying out a friends Burly - to see what Josie thinks!



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