Thursday, March 24, 2011

confessions on a thursday.

Some confessions for you on this lovely Thursday....
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~I recently bought a box of kleenex at the store because I thought the box was SUPER CUTE and FUNKY! I may just keep filling it up with kleenex and use it. Forever.
~I have never been able to get up on water ski's - after MANY ATTEMPTS! So over it.
~I used to be really good about brushing our dogs teeth... and then I had a baby and my mind has been elsewhere. (Dog toothpaste REEKS!)
~I love to do sidewalk chalk - but really dislike the feeling of chalk on my hands! I know.. odd!
~One time, in Elementary School, a girl on the playground had on these TOTALLY AWESOME cowboy boots - I couldn't take my eyes off of them! She was on the swings (going full throttle - pumping), and I, the freak that I am, stood and stared at the boots as she swang (picturing myslef riding a horse with the fab boots on)... Needless to say, her boots hit my face so hard that it broke my nose and sent my entire body flying backwards. Not a pretty sight! Not. at. all.
(P.S. since this incident I have purchased riding boots and ridden many horses with them on.)
Yeeeee Haw,

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