Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cream in your coffee???

~So... I have decided, now that the sun has set, I have bathed and am snug as a bug in a rug - to ask you to join me for coffee (we can make it decaf it you'd like)! I am linking up with Virtual Coffee today and am so excited to have found Amy's blog! :-) (** A side note about coffee: I do daycare out of my home and each morning I brew a pot of Caribou Blend and have disposable coffee cups and lids so that I can offer the parents that drop off a fresh cup of "Joe" on their way to where they are going! It's just a gesture I like to make, because I know how blessed I would feel by it! ** I, of course help myself to several mugs of coffee each day too! Mmmm.....)

Now, onto our coffee date... Since this is the first time I am doing coffee virtually I am going to say WELCOME and thanks for stopping over I will now take the time to share some things about myself... so we can get to know each other better. You can also tell me all about yourself too!

~I am 6 feet tall - all legs and my husband is 6'5" - that makes for most likely a very TALL bambino. Josie was long at birth and continues to climb her way up at each checkup. Neither one of us played sports - I did ballet and was in theatre! Brian is an avid 4-wheeler/ice fisher/outdoorsy lumberjack man (I LOOOVE HIM!) We have been married 3 years and were wed in the winter on Lake Superior on a beautiful day with glistening snow falling ever so lightly - magical!

~I really don't enjoy shaving my legs - I mean, I do, so I am not a hairy gorilla - but I always cut my knees (because I am in a hurry to get it done) and could SOOOOOOOOOOO do without!

~I have worn yoga pants all winter - they were on sale at Shopko, AND they were in longs, so I bought 3 pairs and have lived in them! They are going in the trash ASAP and I can't wait to get out my sundresses, skirts and capris! I LOVE SUMMER!

~I love to brush my teeth after each meal - otherwise my teeth feel fuzzy - a little strange perhaps, but keeps the cavities away! :-) YAY!

~You will never see me without my Nalgene bottle! It's pretty much always with me with water - sometimes water with lemon for me to sip on! I swear it keeps me energized - and I need to because I am with kiddo's all day!

~I love walkie-talkies (can we say random?!?) :-) They are just FUN!

~I love Ireland. Have been there once and want to go again soon!

At this point in our coffee date, we would notice that our mugs are empty and we both have to pee, so we would call it a good date, and schedule another one. Soon!

Love Love to you my friend.

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