Friday, March 4, 2011

lil bit of everything...

Hey kids!

~Felt like kind of a long week. And after all of the Dairy Queen talk in my previous "Confessions" post, I am totally getting a blizzard this weekend :-) In honor of all my blog friends!~
--->Here are some links for you - be sure to head over Here later and give her some blogging LOVE!<---

**Just came across THIS fabulous little kitchen gadget online and may have to have it - to open what bottles? I dunno. But it would look stellar in my kitchen AND I just recently saw an actual sea turtle while scuba diving in Mexico. They are HUGE!

***Totally digging THESE boots and thinking they may have to be mine to sport for Josie's baptism at the end of March!?!? Possibly with some cute knee high Smart Wool socks!? I'm just say'n!

**I would like to wake up with HER HAIR please! And speaking of hair, THIS product is my new FAV!
***Can I please hibernate in any one of these places until Spring has Sprung!? PLLEEEAAASSEE!? OK. thanks.
***Definitely purchasing these Yo Gabba Gabba tennis shoes for my little Tasmanian devil - because they are pretty much to die for cute.
That's all she wrote for now. But I will be back!!!
Much love to you and yours,

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