Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coffee anyone?

Happy Tuesday! Let's have coffee, ok? OK!

So... if we were meeting up for coffee I would order (from Caribou - hope it's ok we meet there!) a LARGE Campfire Mocha with white chocolate and whipped cream on top :-) Before I even realized it was "virtual coffee day" (Hi Amy!) I was craving this!!! Sounds delic!

After we order I would apologize for the stench rolling off of me - let me explain:

My daughter is on amoxacillan (ear infection - AGAIN!) you know that nasty, crusty, stanky pink liquid??? Well, she's back on it and just the sight of me shaking the bottle of it sends her into a massive hissy fit! She flails, she kicks, she SCREAMS! (Can't blame her - yuck!) So you can about imagine what I look like holding her down - pouring it into her mouth! UGH! It usually ends up on me (the smell - gross!) and during last nights escapades it ended up down her onesie! Nice... I know!

But that is not all... (How is your coffee by the way??? Sorry I am blabbering on and on - you're the best listener EVER! I love you!) she is also on numbing ear drops! Now these suckers go in nice and smoothly, but they leave behind an odor that is less than desirable - no amount of washing, scrubbing, exfoliating can get rid of them... so when I go to give her a hug and some lovin' from mama - the drops have made her hair sticky - and NASTY! They numb my lips then too!

Oh the joys of motherhood!

All of this can, and does make me think... man, I wish I was someplace tropical (Margaritaville perhaps!?)... not dealing with antibiotics, ear drops, massive loads of laundry!

But then I am reassured that this is where I belong! I am a mommy. It is my job to take care of lil' ole Buster and there is nowhere else I would rather be.
God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams! Not every day is glorious, but it IS a day that I get to watch my child grow into an amazing human being! :-)
Can I just say that that felt wonderful!!! To get to vent a little, sip some coffee and enjoy a friend!
Thanks for meeting me! Happy Spring!



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