Tuesday, March 29, 2011


~This past Sunday we celebrated Josie's baptism with friends and family. It was most wonderful and actually kind of emotional (for me at least.) She was so joyful and radiated love given to her by such a remarkable new church family!

**We are truly blessed!**

Here are some pictures from the day - brought to your by my bestie Beth (Thank you a million times over Em - they are fab!)~


Love this!

You don't mind if I just swing my leg over, do you? Ok!

She was mesmerized... too cute!

Blessings to our Josie!


Our country church - LOVE IT!

Digging into some presents perhaps?! Oh Buster!

She melts my heart!!!

Her cake topper was the BEST - absolutely darling! (Thanks mama!)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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